11 11 2014

Authored by William Robert Barber

In the interest of attaining evermore governing power there is a practice commonly exercised amongst the agents of our central government: Once legislation is affirmed by congress, implementation and meaningfulness are decided by a designated unelected supervisory body. It is at this juncture that the legislation is interpreted according to a construe that appeals to the governing power. The law is purposefully written with subtle ambiguities leaving a wide girth for construal alternatives. Those who know most if not all things (liberal progressives) understand that it is their responsibility to lead those of common I.Q. out of the morass of confusion onto the way and the light. So the intelligentsia, the élan of the elite, the entrusted and academically profound will uplift us common out of ignorance into the blissfulness of civility and general betterment. Hmm… I wonder.

For those in power (seemingly respective of ideological differing) democracy and its American-style self-governing principles are permitted to apply if the application result is in keeping with predetermined acknowledgement. The concept of a republic is founded on representative governing wherein the average citizen votes and therefore participates in the governing process. When a citizen does not vote his or her voice is muted. The actual act of not-voting is a vote of confidence for either the status-quo or a resignation of satisfaction for whatever-the-result… unless one sides with the president who has decided those not voting in the last election represented an endorsement of his policies.

Of course we Americans know that the concept of our republic enshrined with our nation’s constitution is more an ideal than a reality. Distortion started in 1790 with judicial interpretation compounded over many years by congressional disregard overtly and covertly followed up with outright violations of statutory law.

Our politicians, headlined by President Obama, blatantly lie; this conduct is tolerated. I have no idea of why we give our politicians such leeway but we do. It seems to me that if one holds in title an elective office lying should be a felony. But because we Americans have fostered a culture wherein 10% of the population attends to the responsibilities of citizenship while 90% are willfully disinterested. Lying and scheming is not fraudulent. Nor, when the benefit of such lying is obvious are the lies considered a form of fraudulent inducement.

It’s actually come down to “what’s in it for me.” Even the “what’s in it for me” crowd needs special stimuli in order to get out and vote every two years.

Hopefully, the electives’ rejection of the liberal-progressive influence on governing restores freedom, liberty, and constitutionalism to the forefront of the nation’s value.




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