Authored by William Robert Barber

We humans all speculate, imagine, and contemplate. We are instinctively curious and decidedly never quite satisfied. We are natural contrarians. Pathos is an intrinsic trait. We love. We are smart enough to subjugate nature’s wilds and domesticate four legged animals. We are sanguine enough to believe in a future. We are builders, explorers, and inventors. We are enthusiastically attracted to the esthetic. We are social beings.

But over the last century, savoring the blessedness of our cornerstone of American exceptionalism: liberty and freedom have been traded for governmental dependence. Democratic principles are forged by the willful adherents to the precept of individualism expressed within a free enterprise system. Government’s incursion into the private marketplace (usually conveyed by excessive and egregious regulatory and taxing authorities) abates the integrity and significance of liberty.

Nevertheless, particularly when our politicians strive to enunciate variables of persuasion, we citizens readily accept (from these politicians) deceits, distortions of fact, and general amoral behavior as a common practice of politicking; we permit these politicians to cavort effortlessly amongst substituting speechmaking for policy; dancing around a topic of importance instead of presenting definitive explanations, and allowing the insertion of an ambiguous, often Byzantine, bureaucratic process to explicitly pervert the meaningfulness of the constitution.

President Obama has outright lied to fellow Americans on numerous occasions. Aided by his friend and protector Attorney General Holder along with his cohorts of liberal-progressives Americans have been subjected to a series of fabrications, artful misdirection, and overt contortions of genuineness for political gain or expediency. The mainstream media has been his Goebbels, pedagogical esotericism his shield. Hubris and an obstinate ability to disengage from reality coupled with a superimposed belief that he can fool all the people all the time is part of the president’s DNA; I think he cannot change his inherent being; he cannot adjust, so I predict that the president, as if the protagonist within a Euripides Greek tragedy, hubris will grease his political and personal diminishment. I am hopeful he will take the entire progressive movement with him…

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