Authored by William Robert Barber

The president’s unlawful unilateral edict is an opportunity for congress to legislate the immigration issue into the proper statutory form and practical sense. And I understand the president exceeded his authority. Nevertheless, the remedy for such presidential arrogance is litigation — NOT vengeful or even nominal tit-for-tat hostility. Remembering this 3-year stay of deportation presents a minefield of challenges; as to the president’s directive it is nothing but a wholly unenforceable wink and a nod. The president has eliminated the immediate arrest for any illegal that is in the United States; but he has secured nothing for the very reasoning of his order.

Imagine if you are an undocumented person that has been in the USA for longer than 5 years; obviously, you have forged documentations or you are in a state (of California) that allows the legal issuance of documents to illegal immigrants. Are you going to register? Pay income taxes including fines and penalties? So that in three years or less, if a new president voids the edict and now ICE knows exactly where to find you and your family?!?

Putting all that aside, those illegals that are so inclined to report themselves, the number is not 5 million, the true number is dependent on how many newly arrived declare they have been in the country 5 years… It is these people that will cause the greatest challenge. The time it will take to document with surety those who have been here for 5 years and who have simply forged more fake documents will take 3 years. In the meantime, if not caught at the border, the illegal is home-free in the USA.

Withstanding all of the unworkable silliness that the president has initiated and the problems therein, the prize for the conservative movement is before us; 2016 is the golden election opportunity: A republican must be elected president.

Unless the conservatives control congress and the presidency, our ideals of limited government are stymied by liberal progressive contentiousness and a continuum of negativistic tactics. We must keep a cool head with prudence as our guide.

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