Authored by William Robert Barber

Within the theism of politically inspired liberalism every action by arresting authorities to suppress violence is sighted through the aperture of progressive ideology. Therefore, for those who espouse a progressive-leftist perspective, police enforcement by white officers upon a black American person or community is initially questioned as to whether said action is motivated by racist inclination. Progressive Black leadership professes to believe that police enforcement of laws is equivalent to overt police oppression. Obviously, no rational cognitive being could possibly accept such a factoid as the truth.

Aside from those who passionately and blindly drink the cool aid, the black leadership that professes institutionalized police abuse of their race knows their contention is false: they know the truth of the matter. But acknowledging the truth, as with the police shooting incident and subsequent riots in Ferguson, will not serve their agenda; they simply delete the truth for the sake of their continuum of excusing Ferguson-type hooliganism as expressions of “social justice.”

After preying on the white man’s guilt for lawfully endorsing slavery, the subsequent multiple years of institutionalized discrimination and unjust societal recriminations that denied a black American equal educational and economic opportunity, the Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton look-alikes of our society now prey upon and promote black American society’s dependence on accusatorial faultfinding. To financially buttress their entities and person Jackson and Sharpton need to portray America’s black citizenery as a people extralegally “put upon” by the white majority.

The only answer to the actual problems within the black community for these grievance organizers is more taxpayer monies. After all, in the grievance business, if one has a different opinion, doesn’t agree with a particular, or decides not to lawfully comply, as long as one’s action is executed under the ensign of “social justice,” the resulting destructiveness is tempered, mitigated, and by means perplexing, righteously “understood.” Now if one is a poor, undereducated American, raised from a single mother and abusive family, well, the progressive ideologue understands, one is automatically justified to burn down buildings, overturn cars, arbitrarily break into stores, and loot.

I say: enough of this nonsensical thinking and forgiveness of and for irresponsibly behavior! The riots in Ferguson were perpetrated by hooligans comprised of white and black Americans. They didn’t care at all for the death of Mr. Brown; there was no concern for the property owners of Ferguson, or for the concept of lawfulness. They were riled into destructive behavior by made-up innuendos, lies, and generally applied nonsense. They had no interest in the facts or the reality of what really happened on the afternoon of consequence. They were terrorists of a different flavor, exhibiting their version of mayhem for the sake of mayhem.

As for those Ferguson eye witnesses of the shooting of Mr. Brown who under oath told lies instead of the truth, those who looted and destroyed private and public property, there must be severe consequences…

The Ferguson experience is the perfect example of what happens when judgment precedes the fact of the matter, when mob rule usurps the rule of law, and when black prejudice of white policemen, enflamed by outside of Ferguson personalities, overrides the truth of the matter.


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