4 12 2014

Authored by William Robert Barber

President Obama is a philosopher-politician. He is, as were the ancient philosophers, a practitioner of esoteric prose. His speechmaking and off-the-cuff discourses are cloaked within an enigma of often mystifying interpretation. One must appreciate that the president is deliberately concealing the meaning of his words to protect society from dangerous truths — truths so dangerous that if he introduced lucidity and clarity into his verbiage his policies would chance swift ignominious rejection.

Therefore, his techniques of contradiction, misdirection, embellishment, and the artful disunity of meaningfulness, are designed as a surface message so that the common undereducated can find peripheral contentment. Of course the deeper meaning of social justice, principles of economic egalitarianism, redistribution of wealth, increased taxation of the well-to-do, and the punitive regulatory ingress into corporate, as well as all spheres of American society, is intellectually inhaled by the cognitively superior.

The president is a historicist, a proponent of liberal-progressive relativism. He is a believer in a double doctrine; the one designed for external, public, and widely disseminated; the other internal, secret, whose scope and function is Machiavellian; wherein the result reigns above and beyond the means.

All governments operate under the constant temptation for self-dealing, corrupt practices, benign incompetence, and unprincipled propriety. But when such a government’s executive is committed to unilateral indulgence prompted by ideology first and constitutional limits second, America is the loser. Presidential discretion is an overwhelming responsibility that the president and his progressive cohorts have treated as if a special utility of political convenience. They have set aside the check and balance system of constitutional governing with the same indulgence displayed when changing the colors of curtains in one’s office.

Athens lost their democracy, Rome its Republic, and America its constitutional adherents to limited governing; President Obama is a political progressive, an economic socialist, and a man determined to change America from the inside out and outside in… into his own ideological being.




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