Authored by William Robert Barber

While banishing signs of “I can’t breathe,” “black lives matter,” and positioning two hands in the air representing Micheal Brown’s “hands up, don’t shoot” narrative, our fellow Americans traverse the streets of major cities. Utilizing half-truths and untruths while rejecting the viability of any and all counter arguments to the Brown and Gardner incidents, “protestors” discordantly invade public space while purposely destroying property and plundering the goods of private businesses.

Their novelistic contextual of police brutality is spun as if synonymous with the facts. A mob of unruly protesters spurred onto the streets by agitators, such as Al Sharpton, their actions blessed as rightful by the president of the United States, his attorney-general, as well as the mayor of New York City. These self-righteous demonstrators accuse the police and their departments of crimes, portraying the police as run-amok scofflaws inclined to racists’ sediments.

In fact, the contrary is the truth — but contrarians are by nature unconcerned with truthfulness. What matters to the mob is not the bona fide of the cause but the effect of their agitations. Even if the effect was fueled by an outrageous lie, as long as the effect is effectual, the truth of the matter is inconsequential. Guised as people of moral righteousness, these agitators behave amorally.

This accusation of police indiscriminately killing black men because they are black is ridiculous. And yes, black men commit more crimes proportionally to population than white men. Fear is and will always be a component of enforcing the laws of the land. For the last fifty-thousand years homo sapiens have had a culture of prejudice and biased-bigoted intolerance. This behavior is displayed inwardly to their very own kith and kin and certainly outwardly to any and all that are deemed different. This behavior is found in every race on earth. The result of such bigoted intolerance costs the lives of millions upon millions of humans. From the time of the migration north out of Africa to Europe where homo sapiens purported to have aided in the annihilation of the Neanderthals, humans have murdered their fellow humans.

But no one could possibly suggest that (white) American police violently and willfully hunt down black Americans to kill them. As a nation of multiple ethnic communities strung across the land, with all the issues, concerns, and problems inherent in cross-racial communities living together, the overwhelming majority stops on red and goes on green without supervision. We do have problems, but if Brown and Gardner had not resisted arrest they would be alive today.

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