Authored by William Robert Barber

All of us have created assumptive determinations founded on erroneous presumptions and suffered the consequences thereof. But none of us at the risk of the nation’s security and American lives; none that is, with the exception of President Obama. The president works to project the sway of confidence and superior understanding; but, lurking behind the president’s “Kodak moment” smile is his vague, professorial, generally muddled governance. His policies and directives would dither without three distinctive abettors: his civilian and military operators, a benignly complicit Democratic Party, and an ideologically concomitant national media.

Relying on assumptive determinations founded on erroneous presumptions — amongst his liberal progressives — the president is successfully persuasive. To his Democrats he rallies the enforcement of obliging fidelity to common purpose, touting to one and all that effectively the result is superior to the means, the president does not hesitate to employ Machiavellian principles to achieve leftist objectives. The president affirms metaphorically: that black is white — and the progressives faithfully believe.

The president suffers from the effects of a dogmatic adherence to a liberal progressive ideology that prompts a severe case of cognitive stubbornness, wherein for the president and his acolytes any empirical evidence contrary to the progressive belief is either seamlessly rejected or misconstrued by rhetorical sleight-of-hand.

Because of President Obama’s insistence on rearranging the chess pieces of the world’s disorder to match his determinative of ‘what’s important,’ he has sacrificed multiple pawns; his knight, a bishop, one rook… and now his queen is in jeopardy of capture. The president and his secretary of state are befuddled by Putin’s schoolyard bullying. They cannot grasp the concept of thousands of radical Islamists willing to die for their interpretation of the “will” of the true prophet. Sorrowfully, Obama and Kerry are not simply confused but stymied by their highly intellectual contemplation. They are lost within the by-ways and crossways of a world order of their own interpertive while striving to apply judicious rational to a wholly unreasonable world. And because of their inaccurate predeterminations and childlike assumptions of how the world should be, America and the rest of the “Free World” will suffer.

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