15 03 2015

Authored by William Robert Barber

Racial prejudice is taught. Its essentials are fear commingled with a steady continuum of supercilious ignorance. Its expressions are vile and particularly infectious when spewed by the many or endorsed by the powerful. Even after 200,000 years of evolving as a species racial bias remains an existent trait in all of us Sapiens.

Racism is a prejudice and bigotry that results in a bias usually expressed in some form of personal, civil, or criminal discrimination. The inclination for expressing racist thoughts respective of the source is ubiquitous and omnipresent in every culture and geographic sector of the world.

I believe there is plausible cause to suggest that such prejudice and bigotry have seeped from Eric Holder’s mindset into the Department of Justice. I think there is the probability that Attorney General Holder has a vengeful bias against “white people;” Mr. Holder’s definition of “white people” include “red neck” gun-touted, bible thumping, conservative Republican voters who he classifies as ignoramuses.

If Mr. Holder is not predisposed to look upon “white people” with prejudice then how does reasonable persons evaluate DOJ’s inquisition of the city and incident of Ferguson? An exonerated Officer Darren Wilson did not receive even a mention from Mr. Holder much less an apology. Secondly, the fabliau of Mr. Brown suffering a gunshot in the back as he was running for his life is an outright lie. Thirdly, the DOJ investigation disproves the vicious lie that Mr. Brown had his hands up trying to surrender. “Hands Up” is a blatant fabrication. Interestingly, the media provocateurs have transposed a blatant fabrication into a general thesis that the Ferguson police are a racist police department. Another fabrication is transferred into place. Except this one is from Holder’s DOJ.

Mr. Brown was a criminal. He physically attacked a police officer. He refused to obey the lawful orders of a police office. He wrestled and punched the officer. He tried to snatch the officer’s pistol. He charged the officer and was shot dead. End of story…




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