Authored by William Robert Barber

There is an underlying absurdity to every aspect of our domestic (US) policy. Political leadership acknowledges the unsustainable fiscal vector; but only offers cognizant-recognition as the solution. Congresses since the 1960’s have considered the longterm solvency of Social Security and Medicare as an issue to ignore or admonish. The Democrats are inclined to refer to the solvency issue as another conservative phobia. The Republicans fear the ‘PR’ persona of meanness and take every consequential opportunity to misdirect the issue into the abyss of legislative process. Both parties are more concerned about the next election than addressing the obvious while the electorate stubbornly insists on “free stuff” as the barter for their vote. Discretionary spending is the focus of budgetary abatement while the greenback eating entitlement gorilla feasts on billions of tax dollars.

The liberal progressives consider the national deficit a cyclical rather than a structural indicator of fiscal reality; therefore, the solution is always increased taxation. The “red” State conservatives, secure in their electability, cannot discern the differing between the regards of their State constituency and national obligation to govern. These sober well-meaning conservatives naively misunderstand the rudiments of winning the political game and — with the assist of a bias media — always loose to the Democrats.

We have a self-aggrandizement president fixated on Saul Alinsky tactics that willfully vest within a political stratagem that embraces Machiavellian amorality. In President Obama’s concept of world order reality as heretofore validated is the ruse. America is the perpetrator, the menace, the offender to a peaceful world; the president believes America is the war-monger, the problem. He believes that Iran is rightfully the dominate nation in the Middle East and that as a matter of realpolitik America is required to accept such dominance as the price of peace.

The president as well as a significant number of Americans hold fast to a fanatical belief in political progressivism; these devotees believe progressivism is the new pantheon. The merits of progressivism are social justice, class warfare, and unionism; in addition and as a matter of attribute, the fulmination of political opponents by means extralegal or scurrilous is germane to the progressives’ game plan.

The president is a cagey chameleon and a tenacious conjurer. His followers think of him as a Svengali who soars above the fray of peasant difficulties. His allies however know him as hesitant and professorial; a utilizer of contrarian discourse solely to defer or negate making a decision. Our nation’s enemies know him as a vulnerable personality who favors adherence to the ideological tenets of the surreal. They also know that his presidency is termed and if they want something, it is now or never.

From the domestic to the foreign, our Obama driven progressivism has and is shaping the world into a very dangerous place…

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