4 05 2015

Authored by William Robert Barber

The synthesized former politician of old is now a “champion.” However, the “champion” – contrary to Washingtonian precedence — proposes and offers propositions void of binding veracity. Hilary the “champion” is a duplicitous antihero; a portentous player in a political drama of Shakespearean design. Amazingly, there are millions of Americans forth-rightfully willing to vote her into the presidency.

From my perspective the Hilary story goes like this: A piper appears. Gender irrelevant the piper’s flute emits a melodious tune. The piper’s style and rhetoric mingle to create the appearance of “other than the usual,” a sense of hopefulness gleams. Prudent scrutiny is set aside; substantive objectivity deemed passive and unnecessary. An irrational regard for popular concurrence overwhelms reasonable caution. The power of “the process” positions the unworthy to advantage “the ideal and conceptual” in favor of Realpolitik; cash buys the influence and quid pro quo favors the politically malleable and — voilà, Hilary is the “champion.”

For the most part, history is a compendium of selected characters and events. A discombobulated commingling of facts, myths, factoids, and embellishments all encased within a narrative tainted by novelistic inclinations. We descendants of past performance will never know the “truth;” instead, we reconcile to varied submissions of “the truth.” Even today’s viewers and partakers of current events though sharing the same informational advantage, nonetheless, substantively differ in the endorsement of policy, approach, and prediction of outcome. When however, the former Secretary of State arbitrarily deletes emails, when a government employee blatantly violates statutory laws, ignores the rules and regulations of precedence, and plainly constructs lies to fit a particular situation that person is unfit for elective office.

Intrinsically, “the truth” is a variegated phenomenon; the truth of the matter is factual only in arrears. Often the truth is a non-rated concern because the effectual result is in fact the truth by means remonstrative or coercive.

Mrs. Clinton is an unmanageable princeling. A “champion” of effectual result, she will say and do whatever. She is an amoral secularist motivated by the attainment of political power. The country owes her the presidency and she damn well needs everyone to not only submit to that debt but also do so cheerfully.




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