2 07 2015

Authored by William Robert Barber

The following are disconcerting: Seemingly (since we the people only know what the government decides to tell us) China breached our government’s digital storage and our CIA chief congratulates their boldness. Unconstrained ISIS traverses through Syria and Iraqi inspiring recruitment at the same time terrorists initiate worldwide attacks on soft targets. The IRS snubbed a congressional order to preserve (emails) instead, the federal agency blatantly destroyed thousands. Effectually rewriting the law of the land, Chief Justice of Supremes saves ObamaCare for the second time. A racist idiot wantonly kills nine innocent human beings; responding, the president blames the incident on ineffectual gun laws. Greece is imploding. Notable civilians in unison with high-ranking military officers affirm a letter to the White House expressing deep ceded concern over the management of the Iran nuclear negotiations. Responding, White House spokesperson curtly assures listeners that all is in harmony and according to plan.

The Obama administration is faithfully marching in cadence to the liberal progressive drumbeat, emphasizing priority issues of climate change and social justice, while avoiding answers to the multiple questions regarding Hillary Clinton’s undisclosed emails. For President Obama it is always about the next election, the next political row, or delving into his pledge of transforming America. This is the state of political affairs rousing about the White House and Hillary’s electoral ambition.

Freedom and individual liberty are inconsistent and contrary to a liberal progressive’s ideals of fairness and justice. Nevertheless, the persistence of progressive aspirational factoids coupled with the deceptive notion that one can receive something of value for nothing remains. America has evolved into an autocratic governing entity managed by bureaucrats and financed by the indemnity of “big government’s” insistence on the noble purpose of egregious taxation and regulation.

“Liberty has to die so that equality might live” is a truism. Equalitarianism is a Marxist theoretical, a populist ruse whose time will never manifest beyond the academic. Nonetheless, with only subtle resistance the idea that wealth redistribution is a government’s moral imperative spurs the legislature to configure proclivities into lawful mandates. Proportionate to our nation’s inclination to wantonly stray from the literal meaningfulness of the Constitution (usually to address a particular social or political whim) the utility and facility of self-governing is first corroded, then exploited, and finally traded for the surety of an elitist managed brand of socialism.

The founders of 1789 were rightfully skeptical of the people’s ability much less inclination to and for self-governing. The founders were not harbingers or clairvoyants but were able to forecast the probability of human failings and therefore artfully created a constitution of built-in safeguards, such as the Check and Balance between the three separate but equal branches of government. Federalism insured State sovereignty and with elections mandated every two and six years, voters righteously expressed their determinations. However, when a significant percentage of citizens simply does not vote, the veracity of democracy lessens. Statutorily encoded ambiguity is so prevalent that the law of the land requires a court or several courts to declare lawfulness, the IRS is a deceiver, and the Department of Justice is a politicized fief of the president and his party. The legal process is a Byzantine mix of organized contrarianism administered by indemnified bureaucrats, wholly managed by attorneys. Congress passes laws they have not read and certainly — with few exceptions — do not understand. The elected pass on the interpretation of legislation to regulatory wonks and the courts; surely, this is a reflection on poor electoral turnout.

Ben Franklin had his doubts as to whether a republic was sustainable… and now we know it was not.




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