Authored by William Robert Barber

Because truth telling has uncontrollable consequences and overt lying has prosecutorial implications, Obscurantism is the day-to-night practice of political and bureaucratic leadership. Legal advice has not only subverted the mandate of truth telling; these advisors have diminished congressional oversight into a partisan inspired game show. Imagine what the average “Joe and Josephine” must be thinking when IRS Commissioner Koskinen overtly lies to Congress, Lois Lerner refuses to testify, and both walk away free and clear of prosecution! Yet, if a citizen responded to an IRS inquiry in the same manner, severe reprimand would be sure to follow.

A politician lies to the electorate. Distinguished pundits and mainstream media all sit around agreeing that the politician lied. Interestingly, the pundits go on, agreeing that from the highest in recognition to the anonymous lie. However, the pundits reason because the common denominative amongst the political class is duplicity and since the practice is common, the lying from a politician is not considered lying but benign embellishment.

Television media in particular (but all media, really) when interviewing a guest no matter if the guest is a wonk, a celebrity, or an elected official. The host seeks controversy… any kind of controversy will do. No matter the particular: the questions are more bait than a substantive inquiry. This approach by media feeds into the reasoning of the guest not answering the question. Interviews are a jousting event wherein, like President Obama, the tactic is to elongate the answer, which in its finality is not an answer at all.

The founding premise of a democratic republic is an informed constituency that populates a land where the law is superior to the person. However, in America discretion has superseded lawfulness. In America an entire city ignores even subvert federal law because city leadership has decided to do so. The Justice Department willfully intercedes into the policing duties of a city; it can, as if issuing a criminal RICO indictment, subject any person, business, or municipality to their scrutiny.

We have allowed the country to sleepwalk to the edge of the abyss because truth telling has uncontrollable consequences and overt lying (unless one is a politician or a federal) has prosecutorial implications. Wake up America, wake up…

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