6 09 2015

Authored by William Robert Barber

“Just wishin’ and hopin’ and thinkin’ and prayin’,” the lyrics of a Dusty Springfield song are the inductive basis of the Obama-Kerry ‘feelings’ regarding the veracity of the Iran agreement. Moreover, Democrats who have voted with the president, have once again willfully negated and substituted their duty to country in favor of a blinding obedience to political party.

No rational reasoning could deduce that Iran is anything other than an enemy of the United States. There is no doubt in my military mind, that war with Iran is albeit by proxy a present reality. War is the only solution to a nuclear-armed Iran; therefore the sooner the fight begins the less American blood is spent.

The president along with his progressive cohorts has devised and implemented a foreign policy that has cost thousands of innocent non-combat lives and irreparably damaged the well being of thousands more. The only explanation is their world-view: The president must comprehensively believe that American power is the bully in the global playground. That it is American arrogance injecting its rightfulness upon all the other playmates that has caused such worldly disorder. Alternatively, is there some other explanation? Is Obama’s genius for foreign policy so intellectually sublime it is above common comprehension?

It has been suggested by those who know most of all things (a pundit or two) that the president’s grand scheme is to concede that Iran is the dominant nation state in the region. That America has no place in the sector and if Iran was to dominate, peace was feasible. Hmm… why not all they want is Sudetenland.

Now, how about that Hillary girl…




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