12 09 2015

Authored by William Robert Barber

There was a time not so very long ago… when the individual in relationship to the king or the state had no rights whatsoever. Resolutely, force of arms and/or the threat thereof dictated the tenuous wherewithal between the governing power and the governed. Louis XIV of France declared “L’etat c’est moi.” King John of England tore up the previously affirmed Magna Carta. However, change was in the air…

Political philosophers such as John Locke and Montesquieu (just to name a couple) submitted that man was born with natural rights. These rights precede the sovereign dictum of king or state. Such thinking influenced the founders of America’s scared documents. Wherein grounded with the caveat that any governmental action must be constitutionally limited, Americans codified the ideal that government derived its political legitimacy from the consent of the governed. Pointedly, the expressed and implied tenet was that sovereignty rests with “we the people.”

Nevertheless, under the ensign of crises or ‘in the public interest’ the ghost of Louis XIV and King John stood in the shadow of ominous probability. This time, the enemies of the republic traded their axe or sword for the deadlier weapons of progressivism, bureaucratic process, and legalese. These warriors, some licensed as officers of the courts, are practitioners of statutorily compliant corruption; they are guns for hire. Sworn to the blessings of billing hours they serve their client, political party, and special interest.

Because the power to tax and to favorably distribute tax revenue is the catalyst of governmental corruption the passing of the 16th amendment sealed the fate of the constitutional concept that we the people empower the government. Aided by sever political divisiveness, the socialist influence of progressivism, and the social ramifications of a populous inclined to accept welfare benefits as a right, Americans are enabling federal government overreach.

Today’s federal government asserts and embeds, at its sole discretion, statutory ambiguities that effectively insure that the process takes precedence over the rational reasoning of the U. S. Constitution.

By means, legislative, regulatory, and magistrate, liberal progressives have rewritten the Constitution from, “all that is not given is reserved” to “all that is not reserved is given.” Our government, as if contorted and misaligned by the nonsensical has belittled the citizenry from a dependence on their own initiatives to a dependence on the inclinations of the elected and appointed elite. As a result, America’s governments are in fact fiefdoms of untethered plenary power.

The executive branch by the sheer uncontested willfulness of its unilateral edicts, mandates, and executive orders has challenged not only the constitutionally protected authority of Congress but has jeopardized the “checks and balances” system of governing.

The Supreme Court not only interprets the laws of the land it actually circumvents Congress and formulates new law.

The present federal government is the arbiter of good and evil, right and wrong; the federal government hand picks one private sector over another; it pits one class of American against another. And now to the detriment of constitutional adherence, as never before, one branch of government is jousting with the other. Madison is crying and Franklin dismayed that his concern was realized. Obama is delighted.




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