22 09 2015

Authored by William Robert Barber

Prompted by various ideological determinatives, Lord Acton’s rationalization that “power leads to corrupt, and absolute power corrupts absolutely,” or the degenerative multifarious effects on the viability of a democratic republic because of governmental banality, ineptitude, incompetence, mediocrity, and citizens neglect; whatever the causes, the ideal of initiating and sustaining a constitutionally originated democratic republic has failed. As experienced, the 1789 U.S. Constitution cannot protect the citizenry from the very government the Constitution created.

Possibly, the people’s disinterest in the rudiments of self-governing is fueled by the people’s indifference to the proposition of individual freedom. Possibly, liberty is no longer an American priority. After all, over the last hundred years, Americans have willingly traded freedom and liberty for initially a simple pretense of contrarian misdirection that in time propagates into a supposition of governmental assurance.

For a significant number of citizens and their elected representatives abstention is an accepted apolitical alternative. Abstention is the Nuevo replacement for the traditional sense of one’s civic obligation. This apolitical alternative dooms the mechanical aspects of governing to a processing bureaucracy governed by non-elected regulators.

There is a direct and indirect relationship between this nation’s economic system and individual freedom: When the economics of the nation was agrarian, self-reliance was a virtue. As the economy industrialized, the agrarian economic lifestyle abated; proportionally, self-reliance gave way to government dependence which formalized away from the tradition of family and charity into a federal welfare system, inducing millions upon millions of Americans into a new 20th century lifestyle. The justification for funding and the moral reasoning for individuals acquiring/benefiting from said funds created a robust compendium of blaming and victimization. In fact, a whole class of citizens and non-citizens (illegal immigrants) has formed into a welfare system class subsidized by taxpayers, managed by government employees.

The Supreme Court has effectively settled, not necessarily on the fact, but definitely, on the truth of the matter, the Constitution is a relic. This sacred American document was an ideal of unfulfilled inspiration; a memoriam of what once was valued and treasured.

The Constitution construed, as a democratic republic was doomed from the very beginning because its defect was so overwhelming. The government at first strayed and then abruptly shifted from a nation of laws to a nation prompted by the whims, faults, and misgivings of man. The overwhelming defect was/is that we have a government reliant on the feelings instead of the law of the land. These people of feelings are persons of agenda, interest, and motivations that are intrinsically counter-purposeful to the meaningfulness of a democratic republic. These people decide what laws to enforce and ignore. This ignoring of laws is not simple discretion — it is the wholesale disregard of statutes put in place by the Congress.

Nevertheless, it is we the people that sit down on the wayside of life, gawking as our republic is dismissed, piece by “check and balances” piece; we are stupefied as if a deer caught in the headlights as federalism is abated. We contemplate as a judiciary determined to modify and reinvent the plain and explicit meaningfulness of the Constitution runs amok.

It is not enough for Republicans to rhetorically contest with the Obama administration or their liberal progressive friends and family. The focus must be on the next election. A Republican president is critical, as is a majority in the House; but so is the 60-vote majority in the Senate. Remember: Not all Republicans are conservative enough. An accommodation of tolerance particularly for a Blue State Republican is much better than having a progressive elected. We conservatives cannot allow our focus to wander into a world that does not exist. Step by electoral step is the only path to restoring American values and ethos. Winning elections is our redeeming feature…




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