TERRORISTS 21 – OBAMA 0 — 4th Quarter

Authored by William Robert Barber

These Sunni-Islamic inspired gangsters are effective with only threats of terrorism. Without the bursting of a single bomb or firing of one round, the government of Brussels under the warnings of “attack imminent” shut down all commerce. The interpretive of the Brussels commercial blackout for the ISIL gangster caliphate, “the infidels respect the power of ISIL as potent”; the West has also demonstrated for the Jihadist that financial damage at no risk of capital or cadre is possible.

ISIL and their acolytes have wreaked havoc and mayhem upon the social, economic, political, and fearful consciousness of the Western democracies. The West is the target; killing and pillaging Christian land and persons is an ideological mainstay. This is not to suggest that in the Muslim-majority countries are unfettered or tangential to the destructive effects of these Islamic terrorist; in fact, the contrary is true. Clearly, President Obama knows it takes much more than a pretentious warning or pledge to destroy ISIL. Nonetheless, founded on the president’s actions, words, and tediously reticent muffling of a strategy, it is obvious to friend and foe that President Obama is not asking for his war paint.

The traditional leader of the “free world” has been the United States — at least until President Obama initiated his strategy of ‘enjoinment of and by equal partners’ which, put in tactical terms, means “leading from behind.” Since the employment of this Obama strategy, Iran the declared (by our Department of State) number one terrorist supporter has attained billions of dollars in heretofore frozen funds. Contrived by President Obama, a legitimate gateway for the number 1 terrorist supporter has swung wide open; the development of Iranian nuclear weaponry is all but definitive. In addition, Iran, blessed by a reluctant and hesitant United States, has its troops in Iraq, Syria, and Lebanon. Obama has lost a great battle and does not even realize he is at war.

The Obama-Clinton “reset” policy with Russia has inspired Putin to invade Crimea, transport Russian troops and arms into Syria, and seed the recurrence of a well-known post WWII Russian-American psychosis identified as antagonistic aggression. When one connects the Benghazi incident and the nihilistic bloodbath happening in Libya, all of which propagated because Secretary Clinton did not anticipate the chaos caused by warring counterparties, one does wonder how such actions and non-actions could possibly catapult her into the presidency.

Once again, the super-educated (mostly attorneys) from the Ivy League of higher learning has position our blood and treasure for wasteful spillage and expenditure, the world has always been a dangerous place, it really does not need prodding by incompetent nitwits.

Nevertheless, here we are. The United States of America a nation led by a liberal progressive president and administration befuddled that Putin does not respond to their ideas of rational and reasonable. They are enchanted with their elitist credentials; secure in the knowing that their political narrative does not need to conform to the real facts. Because what matters for progressives is the truth and the truth is that the common person needs managing by those that know best.

Therefore, there will be NO change of strategy; after all, the current strategy is working. For the president the Paris massacre was a setback but the gathering of nations to discuss climate change is a direct affront to terrorism.

The president is delusional.


Authored by William Robert Barber

Fear is an innate human stimuli, a chemically induced reaction to even the perception of endangerment. There are three distinct responses to fear: The immediate deployment of ill-conceived and ineffective counteracts. The freezing of mind and body, a “deer in the headlights” syndrome often coupled with a nervous bafflement that prompts an emission of oral disarray and/or a flickering of disjointed discombobulation ultimately resulting in a temporary loss of command and sensibility.

Our president’s most recent news conference and subsequent addresses displayed his personal reactive state of fear: The realization that his strategic policies employed against the ISIS threat are wrongheaded is the president’s greatest fear. This fear of being dead wrong has overwhelmed his progressive ideology. His response to his wrongheadedness was to double down on the very same strategic policies. He spoke with all the bravo he could muster but instead of his speech instilling confidence, he came across as combative, dismissive, and weak.

The threat of wanton killings prompts (for all at risk… those of us without armed bodyguards) the need for certitude. Nevertheless, instead of strategic and tactical certitude from leadership, we citizens receive (from politicians and their staff) complexities of linguistically designed misdirection, ambiguities of declared purpose, and professorial pomposity delivered by President Obama in the form of a (I know best) sagaciously spoken spanking.

For us of common and generally uninformed stature the lack of a definitive military, diplomatic, political plan to eliminate the ISIS, ISIL, Daesh, threat creates an anxiety that pugnaciously infiltrates rational thought. When confronted with the probability that these fanatics will hit soft targets within the United States the president’s professorial pomposity lacks a moat, high-thick walls, and an aggressive martial offence. The result is the potential for a continuance of irrational thought and if this nation suffers a Parisian-similar attack, irrational thought will incite irrational behavior. 

These Islamic terrorists have demonstrated the thin veneer between the sanely civilized and the insanely primitive. Aside from the, as described by Lenin and Stalin, “useful idiots”, the devout root of these followers of Mohammad is a distinctive belief strengthened by a known quantity of theocratic truism. This is literal belief founded on the words of the Prophet as stated in the Quran; guided by the Hadith these Muslim terrorists faithfully believe their Jihad is morally sound. They will not be persuaded otherwise and foolish to try; these disciples of “the word” are way beyond the power of rational persuasion.

This is total war. Before these crazies harness nuclear, biological, or chemical weaponry, as Rome conquered Carthage in the Third Punic War, America must annihilate the means to which these Muslim fanatics can threaten, terrorize, or intimidate Western culture. Yes, that means killing them. 

President Obama is in office until 2017. Other than intensifying his present strategy he will not act. However, we do have the infrastructure of Congress and the will of the American people to pressure the president to offer a definitive solution to the ISIS crises.

Please, not Hilary, the socialist, or another liberal progressive… elect a Republican conservative, who would start to solve the biggest problem this nation faces: The problem of leadership, domestic and international…


Authored by William Robert Barber

Executed by Islamic thugs bent on bloodletting, the Paris killings, for the sole sake of inciting terror, committed the mass murder of Parisian innocents. These murderers were not provoked; they were not undereducated young unemployed men disenfranchised by a malevolent regime. No synthetic drug numbed their humanness; their baneful behavior was purposeful. They are the followers of Mohammed. Their mission was to murder as many people as possible. Their intent was death. Ordered to kill infidels, dutifully they obeyed.

Focused on the coming glory they aligned their sights and squeezed the trigger indiscriminately killing one innocent person after another, these martyrs, by deed and fact, were comforted in the knowing that soon they would ascend and sit amongst the Saints of Islam.

For the western democracies these protagonists of terror embody the meaning of evil. The eradication of their existence on earth is worth the cost of blood and treasure. However, our president hesitates. Despite the empirically obvious evidence that confronts him, he is cautious; the President insists that the inimical nature of the dastardly “bad” Islamist, once contained by his policy of restraint, will reject the radical interpretation of Sunnism and embrace rational modernism. In the end of all this chaos, the President believes that the bad people will be defeated; goodness will advantage badness and peacefulness will ultimately prevail.

Just like Icarus did not figure on the sun melting his wings of wax and feathers, the president’s political advisors underestimated the vitality of radical Sunni determination. The cautious President Obama has personally cost the lives of tens of hundreds of peoples, facilitated the bondage, raping, pillaging, and torture of thousands, and caused the migration of millions from their homelands. Incredulously, the president and his progressive clan of intellectual elitists wants to blame the invasion of Iraq as the cause and effect of the present.

The president is incapable to lead or follow yet he insists on getting in the way…

Certainly the bad ones are plotting a version of the Paris killings in an American city near you. It is impossible to stop this type of terror and so eventually American innocents will suffer. The only real, true alternative is to attack these Sunni radicals in their place of origin and placement — it matters not where this leads us.

Kill them all. Every single one of these cowardly bastards…


Authored by William Robert Barber

Generally, enacting any new laws (from my perspective) requires the retraction of a proportionate amount of present laws. Predicated on the law that it is unlawful for an American citizen to lie to congress or any of its agencies and withstanding the statutory onus on the citizen, no such law binds congress. I am offering a “new law” into the foray of legislative discourse: It is unlawful for a politician, when electioneering for, or representing an elected office, to lie, embellish, or misdirect an American citizen.

High school level education is free in this nation; but we have laws, rules, and regulations requiring, for purposes of comprehension as well as compulsory application a collage graduate degree. As an example, our taxes are so ambiguous, experts disagree on their contextual meaningfulness. If voluminous amounts of ambiguity were not enough of problem for the average taxpayer, governments from federal to state and from state to city, unpredictably enact and rescind tax laws. It does not matter if these changes of the law require public dissemination: the average taxpayer does not understand the original law — much less the new.

Because of compliance requirements, every taxpayer is subject to the paying of a fee to a tax professional. Interestingly, though held personally liable for inaccuracies, after employing the tax professional and signing the tax reporting documents, the average taxpayer does not understand the very documents affirmed and submitted.

Thus far, I have been focusing on individuals. Business taxation is just another layer upon individual taxpaying responsibilities. Amazingly, if the company is profitable the entity pays a tax; if the company is unprofitable no taxes are due. So only profitable companies pay the tax to support the government’s budget on monies due; now if the company qualifies for nonprofit status, colleges, churches, government enterprises, etc., hooray: no tax is obligated. The unprofitable and the non-profit unfairly benefit from the result of tax funded payments. What company would not like the concept of purchasing property and pay no property tax?

As to these purposely lying politicians: Of course, my legislative recommendation is impossible to enact. If term limits and no more tax increases without a 2/3 vote in the House of Representatives are part of the “never going to happen”, then surely stopping politicians from lying is an unsustainable moral quest.

Instead of liberal progressives’ concern over a citizen presenting a personal identification upon voting, they should be demanding that a politician speaks truthfully and legislators write laws that are explicable.

I do believe that restricting lawmaking verbiage to a high school level of comprehension is possible. After all, it is not democratically sound to have compulsory adherence for laws that are contextually opaque and understood by only the educationally enhanced and a sector wonk or two.

The Marine Corps’ birthday is November 10. I am ever thankful that I served in my nation state as a U. S. Marine. I never need to have any well-intentioned person thank me for my service. Service to country is an obligation of citizenship and serving as a Marine is valued privilege.


Authored by William Robert Barber

In the 21st century with few exceptions, democracies of Judeo-Christian heritage accept the religious beliefs of others alongside the premise of “live and let live.” Although Judeo-Christians openly endorse the reasonings of their theology, in the majority they practice their belief within the confession of tolerance and empathy.

On the other hand, the followers of Mohammad profess zero tolerance or empathy. The faithful of Islam in harmony shout “Death to America.” They pledge to destroy all vestiges of their ancient cousins in Israel. To those that would resist the faith of Allah, the choice is forthright: conversion or death.

Withstanding America’s tradition of religious freedom, the ethos of individualism, and the statutes defining the “Bill of Rights,” immigrants from the Middle Eastern region will not assimilate into Americanism. These Islamic “teachings” passed on to Mohammed by God fit neatly into the cultural-societal acceptance of Sharia Law. These Islamists cannot separate Mosque from State and as such adhere to their Sharia Law pronouncements. America cannot wage a global war on Islamic radicals and accept the risk of importing potential terrorists.

How about that presidential candidate Miss Hillary, interestingly, every Democrat knows she is lying, misdirecting, and denying; they know she perpetrated and willingly propagated a wholly false narrative regarding Benghazi. They all know she received the request for more security from Ambassador Stephens. They all know she denied such enhanced security because she was committed to the story that her Libyan policy was working or possibly, she was just that incompetent. No matter, democratic politics with the aid and assist of the media overpowered the truth in favor of the concept of a Hillary presidency.

In the present: The divide between progressivism and conservatism is irreconcilably wide. The means to an end is no longer an issue of moral contention; the mattering of concern is simply achieving the unadulterated result. The laws of the land is so discretionary, in both application and interpretation, that justice is an arbitrary relic wherein fairness is a disposition few citizens can afford.

Without a doubt, recovering from the Obama years starts by electing a Republican majority. However demonstrably winning over the progressive mindset much less their deeply rooted programs, legislation, and philosophical contentions are a superhuman endeavor. Of course, any long journey starts with the first step.