1 11 2015

Authored by William Robert Barber

In the 21st century with few exceptions, democracies of Judeo-Christian heritage accept the religious beliefs of others alongside the premise of “live and let live.” Although Judeo-Christians openly endorse the reasonings of their theology, in the majority they practice their belief within the confession of tolerance and empathy.

On the other hand, the followers of Mohammad profess zero tolerance or empathy. The faithful of Islam in harmony shout “Death to America.” They pledge to destroy all vestiges of their ancient cousins in Israel. To those that would resist the faith of Allah, the choice is forthright: conversion or death.

Withstanding America’s tradition of religious freedom, the ethos of individualism, and the statutes defining the “Bill of Rights,” immigrants from the Middle Eastern region will not assimilate into Americanism. These Islamic “teachings” passed on to Mohammed by God fit neatly into the cultural-societal acceptance of Sharia Law. These Islamists cannot separate Mosque from State and as such adhere to their Sharia Law pronouncements. America cannot wage a global war on Islamic radicals and accept the risk of importing potential terrorists.

How about that presidential candidate Miss Hillary, interestingly, every Democrat knows she is lying, misdirecting, and denying; they know she perpetrated and willingly propagated a wholly false narrative regarding Benghazi. They all know she received the request for more security from Ambassador Stephens. They all know she denied such enhanced security because she was committed to the story that her Libyan policy was working or possibly, she was just that incompetent. No matter, democratic politics with the aid and assist of the media overpowered the truth in favor of the concept of a Hillary presidency.

In the present: The divide between progressivism and conservatism is irreconcilably wide. The means to an end is no longer an issue of moral contention; the mattering of concern is simply achieving the unadulterated result. The laws of the land is so discretionary, in both application and interpretation, that justice is an arbitrary relic wherein fairness is a disposition few citizens can afford.

Without a doubt, recovering from the Obama years starts by electing a Republican majority. However demonstrably winning over the progressive mindset much less their deeply rooted programs, legislation, and philosophical contentions are a superhuman endeavor. Of course, any long journey starts with the first step.




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