Authored by William Robert Barber

Generally, enacting any new laws (from my perspective) requires the retraction of a proportionate amount of present laws. Predicated on the law that it is unlawful for an American citizen to lie to congress or any of its agencies and withstanding the statutory onus on the citizen, no such law binds congress. I am offering a “new law” into the foray of legislative discourse: It is unlawful for a politician, when electioneering for, or representing an elected office, to lie, embellish, or misdirect an American citizen.

High school level education is free in this nation; but we have laws, rules, and regulations requiring, for purposes of comprehension as well as compulsory application a collage graduate degree. As an example, our taxes are so ambiguous, experts disagree on their contextual meaningfulness. If voluminous amounts of ambiguity were not enough of problem for the average taxpayer, governments from federal to state and from state to city, unpredictably enact and rescind tax laws. It does not matter if these changes of the law require public dissemination: the average taxpayer does not understand the original law — much less the new.

Because of compliance requirements, every taxpayer is subject to the paying of a fee to a tax professional. Interestingly, though held personally liable for inaccuracies, after employing the tax professional and signing the tax reporting documents, the average taxpayer does not understand the very documents affirmed and submitted.

Thus far, I have been focusing on individuals. Business taxation is just another layer upon individual taxpaying responsibilities. Amazingly, if the company is profitable the entity pays a tax; if the company is unprofitable no taxes are due. So only profitable companies pay the tax to support the government’s budget on monies due; now if the company qualifies for nonprofit status, colleges, churches, government enterprises, etc., hooray: no tax is obligated. The unprofitable and the non-profit unfairly benefit from the result of tax funded payments. What company would not like the concept of purchasing property and pay no property tax?

As to these purposely lying politicians: Of course, my legislative recommendation is impossible to enact. If term limits and no more tax increases without a 2/3 vote in the House of Representatives are part of the “never going to happen”, then surely stopping politicians from lying is an unsustainable moral quest.

Instead of liberal progressives’ concern over a citizen presenting a personal identification upon voting, they should be demanding that a politician speaks truthfully and legislators write laws that are explicable.

I do believe that restricting lawmaking verbiage to a high school level of comprehension is possible. After all, it is not democratically sound to have compulsory adherence for laws that are contextually opaque and understood by only the educationally enhanced and a sector wonk or two.

The Marine Corps’ birthday is November 10. I am ever thankful that I served in my nation state as a U. S. Marine. I never need to have any well-intentioned person thank me for my service. Service to country is an obligation of citizenship and serving as a Marine is valued privilege.

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