TERRORISTS 21 – OBAMA 0 — 4th Quarter

Authored by William Robert Barber

These Sunni-Islamic inspired gangsters are effective with only threats of terrorism. Without the bursting of a single bomb or firing of one round, the government of Brussels under the warnings of “attack imminent” shut down all commerce. The interpretive of the Brussels commercial blackout for the ISIL gangster caliphate, “the infidels respect the power of ISIL as potent”; the West has also demonstrated for the Jihadist that financial damage at no risk of capital or cadre is possible.

ISIL and their acolytes have wreaked havoc and mayhem upon the social, economic, political, and fearful consciousness of the Western democracies. The West is the target; killing and pillaging Christian land and persons is an ideological mainstay. This is not to suggest that in the Muslim-majority countries are unfettered or tangential to the destructive effects of these Islamic terrorist; in fact, the contrary is true. Clearly, President Obama knows it takes much more than a pretentious warning or pledge to destroy ISIL. Nonetheless, founded on the president’s actions, words, and tediously reticent muffling of a strategy, it is obvious to friend and foe that President Obama is not asking for his war paint.

The traditional leader of the “free world” has been the United States — at least until President Obama initiated his strategy of ‘enjoinment of and by equal partners’ which, put in tactical terms, means “leading from behind.” Since the employment of this Obama strategy, Iran the declared (by our Department of State) number one terrorist supporter has attained billions of dollars in heretofore frozen funds. Contrived by President Obama, a legitimate gateway for the number 1 terrorist supporter has swung wide open; the development of Iranian nuclear weaponry is all but definitive. In addition, Iran, blessed by a reluctant and hesitant United States, has its troops in Iraq, Syria, and Lebanon. Obama has lost a great battle and does not even realize he is at war.

The Obama-Clinton “reset” policy with Russia has inspired Putin to invade Crimea, transport Russian troops and arms into Syria, and seed the recurrence of a well-known post WWII Russian-American psychosis identified as antagonistic aggression. When one connects the Benghazi incident and the nihilistic bloodbath happening in Libya, all of which propagated because Secretary Clinton did not anticipate the chaos caused by warring counterparties, one does wonder how such actions and non-actions could possibly catapult her into the presidency.

Once again, the super-educated (mostly attorneys) from the Ivy League of higher learning has position our blood and treasure for wasteful spillage and expenditure, the world has always been a dangerous place, it really does not need prodding by incompetent nitwits.

Nevertheless, here we are. The United States of America a nation led by a liberal progressive president and administration befuddled that Putin does not respond to their ideas of rational and reasonable. They are enchanted with their elitist credentials; secure in the knowing that their political narrative does not need to conform to the real facts. Because what matters for progressives is the truth and the truth is that the common person needs managing by those that know best.

Therefore, there will be NO change of strategy; after all, the current strategy is working. For the president the Paris massacre was a setback but the gathering of nations to discuss climate change is a direct affront to terrorism.

The president is delusional.

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