Authored by William Robert Barber

Donald Trump is a Democratic Party lobbyist. He must be… How else could one explain such a display of supernatural arrogant ignorance? Is he simply a witless blowhard who relies on extemporaneous impulse instead of deliberative contemplation? Considering his much-touted Ivy League education and his billions of earned dollars, one would think prudence could manage vector less rhetoric; but alas, an affliction of hubris self-regard in symbiosis with wanton disregard has rendered the Donald into a spasm of babbling dysfunction.

 In fact, no unaffiliated politician has wounded the Republican brand so damagingly while at the same time offending so many Republicans as Mr. Donald.

Thousands of voters have rallied to the call of Donald’s fatuous nonsense. These Trump followers are obviously inclined to the bellicose and confrontational. For this multitude, half a page of orally expressed deal points are detail enough. Other than a profane remark such as “bomb the shit out of them,” no need for a military strategy; “incompetent dummies” is enough of a declarative to solve America’s problems. Really?! Trade treaties, once in the hands of the Donald, automatically bring jobs to the U.S. and prosperity for every American. What a fine fellow!

I hope that the CNN debate will filter out Donald’s insistence on ranting and raving and render some degree of factual circumstance.

If not the debate, then certainly the voters in the early primary States… rational and reason must take form and overtake this clownish front-runner — or Hillary will be the next president.

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