Authored by William Robert Barber

The purpose of political persuasion is to form an electoral consensus. Consensus unities divergent interests; inevitably, this convergence of interest creates political affiliation which formulates a declarative political belief and the persuader into a leader. The politician, because political affiliations are fragile, whether fair or unfair, must perform the act of persuasion repetitively with certitude. There it is, the raison d’être of political speech; seems simple enough: A successful political campaign requires persuasion.

However, the truth is an elusive. Facts are controversial. And seemingly, for every verity there lurks a deceit. This back and forth between the distinction of truth and empirical fact (for the listener) is a beguiling challenge. When coupled with a media’s particular predisposition, the counter-persuaders purposeful misdirect and outright distortion the persuader’s message can degenerate into garbled even befuddled ambiguity.

Political persuasion is subject to deliberate askance as well as insensitive rebuttal. However, the single mortal sin that a persuader can commit is hypocrisy. Lies are subject to artful adjudication but hypocrisy is forever damming. But then there’s “the Donald,” his hypocrisy is obvious and he opportunistically lies. His constituency ignores the lies and refuses to consider the hypocrisy. Amongst the series of politicians, since the Clinton era of celebrity Hilary is the only politician that outdoes the lies and profound hypocrisy of “the Donald.” Of course, Hilary’s lies are far more meaningful and damaging whiles the Donald’s lies are almost amusing and — similar to his thoughtlessness — callously insignificant.

Contrary to the demands of the presidency the candidate of substantive qualities, as evidenced in the series of debates, is often overlooked for the glib, superficial stand-up who can deliver amusing one-liners. The office of the presidency requires a unique leadership and follow-ship talent. Managing a corporation is NOT the same as managing congress with its entire bureaucratic infrastructure. Directing a foreign policy is NOT like acquiring an offshore enterprise. Because FEDX runs, a cogent streamlined business does not mean that business principles necessarily apply to government or governing. Government, all government since the inception of governments, is inherently corrupt. The level and intensity of government corruption is proportional to the nation’s constitutional viability and governmental size. The more the nation strays from constitutional covenants and the greater the size of government, the more corrupt the government.

I am waiting for a conservative to pull Excalibur from the rock, subordinate divergent interest into consensus, speak with certitude, and provide an ideal of politically interpretive meaningfulness to lead the Republican Party to electoral victory.

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