Authored by William Robert Barber

Once again, by simply implying a rhetorically delivered promise of social bliss and economic fairness, progressive politicians boldly, with a tang of conceited pretentiousness, offer socialism as the avant-garde cure for all of America’s economic and social ills. Ignoring the documented blessings and blaming the dynamics of capitalism as nothing less than fraudulent inducement, progressives willfully disgorge America’s traditional economic system in favor of an abstruse egalitarian revolution.

Withstanding the consistent failures of socialism, seemingly every turn of the generational clock reinvigorates egalitarianism as a viable within the spectrum of socialistic alternatives. The young, those with a left-leaning philosophy, the usefully ignorant, and the passionately ill advised embrace the conceptual righteousness of socialism and willingly accept the implied and expressed rantings of liberal progressives as if such was a certainty in-fact.

Additionally, comparing the cultural legacy of Sweden to America is irrational: The population differing between Sweden’s almost 10 million to the United States’ hundreds of millions is not only a disconcerting comparison — it is ludicrous. As a final note, the largest Swedish companies, having no worldwide tax liability, operate profitably outside of Sweden.

For many rational reasons Socialism does not work. A quality reason is that socialism — as with egregious taxation — inspires statutorily compliant corruption. As an example, before ObamaCare, the single grandest socialistic concept implemented into law created Social Security. Congress in collaboration with the executive branch though entrusted as the custodial of Social Security funds betrayed that trust and over many years, multiple times, exchanged the cash in custodial for U.S. Treasury promises to pay.

Take a gander at our country’s welfare entitlements, medical, and government funded health services; notice the waste, fraud, and implementation abuse of our Veterans’ Administration: All managed under the flag of government management.

Aside from the non-functional aspects of socialism, the true cost of this equalitarian philosophy is the abatement if not the elimination of individual liberty and freedom. Socialism merits the collective. The collective is a mainstay of Marxist/Leninist and openly incompatible with individualism, democracy, and a functional republic.

Vote for a conservative or loose the republic — that is the electoral choice.