Authored by William Robert Barber  

Taught with various degrees of indulgence and accuracy, history is a compulsory subject of American academia. There is a high probability that within the teachings of American history a predominance of prejudices, out-right lies, distortions of facts, and purposeful embellishments are integral. Rendering such teachings more an indoctrination than erudition; nevertheless, for the interested erudite the differing between historical evidence, expressions of truth telling, and factoids is available.  

Despite the teachings — or possibly because of one’s interpretation of the teachings — a persistent myth emerges: a truly American derived myth, one that perseveres throughout the oral and written discourses of our leaders, our nation’s media, and common public discourse. This myth puts forth a representation of an America that could only exist in a Pollyanna Neverland.

Since the end of WW II, an ideal gathered amongst intellectual elitist. The ideal conceived a world wherein reason and rational governed nation states. Seeking credence for such an ideal America strayed from reality to the fantastic. One example, our government accepted and promoted a wholly ridiculous and clearly unachievable policy goal — peace. Peace became the a priori of American foreign policy. The very raison d’être of expending blood and treasure, seeking or defending peace has become the basis of a surreal sort of Americanism. This nonsensical illusionary assumptive has captured the nation’s cognitive sense. Pretension has replaced prudence. Illogical simplicities coupled with meaningless phraseology form the foundation of a populism, void of good sense.

When the political assumptive is that reason and rational are synergetic with cause and result, this world-view misnomer completes the corruption of one’s deductive process.

Stage left enter Donald Trump, Hillary Clinton, and Bernie Sanders.

For Hillary and Bernie: The very basis of liberal progressivism rests on a presumptive that the ‘well-educated’ wonk in the interest of the common good and rightfully so, should govern the common citizen. Wonk-ism is — philosophically aligned — with the precepts that man is good and evil is controllable; that goodness prevails, and that by the facile extension of one’s right hand peace is achievable.

For the Donald, the Republican front-runner: Donald is the perfect example of superfluous rhetoric run amok. The Donald utilizes a populism that displaces the deductive process with a style that “Trumps” the substantive with expressions of bumper sticker conjectures. For the great many, “I will make America great,” is evidently explanative sufficient.  

The Donald’s continuum of nonsensical tirade of variegated dispositions. His “Slings and arrows of outrageous fortune,” launched with scurrilous intent and cavalier forethought against all who contend otherwise. These tirades resemble Nero’s behavior rather than that of a political leader. Donald Trump is a misadventure awaiting calamity.    

Withstanding Donald’s pledge of coming together as one political party, if one talks stupidity, tweets stupid comments, and allows his hubris-arrogant-self to consul himself and the people vote him into office — America is the loser.

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