Authored by William Robert Barber

Politics in general and politicians specifically enunciate the most prolific of shameful offenses: Hypocrisy and contradiction. The script of each offense contains lies, distortions, misdirection, half truths, and — for the purpose of forming a beneficial public persona — willful deception is the headliner of a politician’s propaganda. Simply telling the truth is arcane and politically disabling; besides, truthfulness is not a requirement of political aspiration.

If a citizen is held to statutory recrimination for lying to the FBI should a politician not  be held to the same standard? Newspapers, pundits, and the broadcasting media are not offended when a politician practices hypocrisy or contradiction. In some instances the politician’s actions are dismissed because he or she is a politician. Imagine the reality, we citizens allow our politicians the right to lie to us because they are politicians. Of course it is often not a blatant lie but an exaggeration, an embellishment, a dance around the true meaning of a phrase that propagates a politician’s means to disseminate.

I assume one could respond by noting the citizen has the vote to cancel the hypocrisy and contradiction. Well, yes, if the citizen is informed of the offense. However, in order for such a response, the citizen must be informed.

Our nation’s laws are for the most part created by office holding attorneys and validated by attorneys elected or appointed to the judicial system. Regulators are attorneys that interpret the law to satisfy their particular inclination which is dictated by the political party that dominates the governing administration. All laws and regulations are in definition ambiguous and if ambiguity fails to satisfy a perceived political result, these covenants are subject to the discretion of the enforcer.


The Socialist, A Conniver, A Bully, A One Term Ideologue, and Moderate Governor

A significant and influential number of the powerful sweep away the original interpretation of the 1789 constitution as outdated and therefore not applicable to the realities confronting the present. These interpreters of the constitution is free to enable or disable constitutional tenets at their will.

President Obama has — like presidents before him, starting with President Adams — stretched and violated constitutional limitations to serve his political objective. Withstanding the ruinous effects upon the meaningfulness of the constitution of 1789, for the purpose of aligning their political ideological agenda, the executive branch, the legislative and the judicial have inserted for Machiavellian propose the use of blatant hypocrisy and willful contradiction.

We Americans have a socialist, a conniver, a bully, a one term Senator ideologue, and one super-experienced governor who is purported to be moderate running for the highest office in the land. In this election contrivance and contrariness has subdued the substantive in favor of the nonsensical. Such is the sum of the one-man-one vote when the one-man voter is bedazzled instead of objectively enlightened. The discerning elixir of logical deduction requires more than the fanciful and stylistic. Nonetheless, logic and deduction has little if any influence on the average voter and such is deemed the voice of the people.

Beware of the pretty and soothing, the encouraging void of verifiable essence, and the crafty portrayal of the world as we wish it was… self-governess has never been the American experience. Today we are a wonk-governed, top-down, representative republic — we need to end this governance.

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