Authored by William Robert Barber

The newly inaugurated president scares the hell out of Washington’s savvy progressives. They are solidly befuddled by the undeniable fact that Americans voted for the coarse, even belligerent non-politician New Yorker. The Democratic Party and their ideological bedfellows are besieged and engulfed by the Republican victory. They are rendered benignly extraneous to current events. Delaying Trump’s nominations while striving to embarrass or humiliate the president’s nominees, is a foolish endeavor. Instead, they should make a public statement against the concerned nominees, note the reasons, give preference to the president and thereby highlighting the nominees as solely the president’s decision, vote against, and settle the matter by declaring that Democrats do not have the votes to stop the president’s selection… Next!

While the president’s team is significantly (in real measurable terms) defining the Trump agenda, the national media is relentlessly plucking at Trump’s inclination for the silly and inconsequential. Trump’s loosely construed scattered spontaneities and boisterous declarations are lit-by-fire word and phrase arrows, flung high only to indiscriminately plunge downward at Mach speed. These arrows in themselves are mostly harmless accusatorial nothings, thoughts of groundless verbosity, and flex-concoctions of thoughtless pieces and parts. Nonetheless, these nothings of meaningfulness have disoriented the media celebrities from their sense of heretofore informational normalcy.

Obsessed with questioning Trump’s team, the media is persistent. Their questions are crafty quires with the objective of manipulating the questioner into an embarrassing discovery. News reporters are enchanted with the words ‘lies’ and ‘liar’… These words are of course vectored as a damnation of the president. I assume the media will continue this form of insulting abuse throughout Trump’s presidency.  

The Republicans, as Peggy Noonan recently noted, are in a state of “hopeful apprehension.” Liberal progressives are offended by the mere presence of President Trump and Republicans are nervously assuring each other that Trump will not embarrass leadership and respect conservative ideals.

Just answer the question: When questioned, politicians of all stripes and allegiances cannot pointedly answer. Instead, they linguistically dance amongst the peripheries of the question’s meaningfulness. The dodge is obvious to all; nonetheless, more often than not the questioner is timed out, gives up, and the answerer is released from the obligation.

Well, Donald Trump answers the question. In evidence, President Trump goes well beyond just answering the question: He elaborates far and away from simply answering the question. In fact, within his answer he structures new questions. The president, consciously or not, is the master of a unique form of counter-point-redirect, designed to stylistically overwhelm and subdue the opposing perspective (or prospective) by a combination of factoid, truth, and fact.

There can be no better test of conservative ideals then now… ”time will tell.”


Authored by William Robert Barber

On January 20, 2017 Donald J. Trump will be sworn in as President of the United States; the Democrats and their leftist dogmatists absorbed in Cri de Cœur are enmeshed in anxiety disorder and agnostic disbelieve. Unwilling to accept the palpable, liberal progressives are relegated to wailing at the moon and comfort coupling with Hollywood celebrities.   

The media, perplexed by the citizenry’s disdain and distrust of their editorial measure, is outwardly engaged in deciphering the cause. I enunciate “outwardly engaged” because the media is cognizant that an inward vector would prove embarrassing and certainly provoke, amongst the topmost media personalities contesting perceptions of blame. These variant expressions of finger-pointing, surely, would point to any source other than inward. Finger pointing would lethally evolve, outcries of “it’s not me or my network” would dominate, scurrilous accusations would form into factoids, construed attempts to misdirect, and outright disinformation would displace any pretense of rationality.    Read More »