4 01 2017

Authored by William Robert Barber

On January 20, 2017 Donald J. Trump will be sworn in as President of the United States; the Democrats and their leftist dogmatists absorbed in Cri de Cœur are enmeshed in anxiety disorder and agnostic disbelieve. Unwilling to accept the palpable, liberal progressives are relegated to wailing at the moon and comfort coupling with Hollywood celebrities.   

The media, perplexed by the citizenry’s disdain and distrust of their editorial measure, is outwardly engaged in deciphering the cause. I enunciate “outwardly engaged” because the media is cognizant that an inward vector would prove embarrassing and certainly provoke, amongst the topmost media personalities contesting perceptions of blame. These variant expressions of finger-pointing, surely, would point to any source other than inward. Finger pointing would lethally evolve, outcries of “it’s not me or my network” would dominate, scurrilous accusations would form into factoids, construed attempts to misdirect, and outright disinformation would displace any pretense of rationality.    

Now that Trump is president-elect, as the nation’s free press sees it, scrutiny of the executive is to be the sworn duty, a moral mission; the press is no longer susceptible to a great smile and fancy words. Oh no, those days of simpatico are definitively over. I assume that means that these journalists will detach their reporting from interpreting the news, as if a pundit, to reporting the news?

Of course political bias is an expected. But must political bias be accompanied by deception, lying, duplicity, dishonesty, egocentricity? Is it not possible to discard the recent normative of behaving: political party first, personal ambition second, and interest of the nation sometimes third? Surely, the republic requires a governess of and by virtuous prudence. However, “to clean the swamp” would require a distinctive leader, one not beholden to a political party, a person free of donor obligation. This leader would necessitate the aid and assist from not just his political party but also from the opposition and the voters. Possibly, Donald Trump and Republican leadership, might be such a leader?




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