Authored by William Robert Barber

It is decisively clear that the Democratic Party has enfolded into the very leftist protocols esteemed by the likes of Eugene McCarthy and George McGovern. Although the deal points of contention are dissimilar, the political philosophy of progressivism and its ultimate goal remain steadfast. There is however one poignant exception to the progressivism of the past: The strategy and tactics of today’s progressives, insofar as implementing and injecting progressive ideals into American culture and government is stubbornly much broader in scope, refinement, and substance.

For example, as the Republicans have elected representative majorities in local, State, Congress, and the presidency, the liberal progressives employing the political wherewithal of progressive ideals and thought have dominated (throughout) the political philosophy of academia’s unions, teachers, administrators, and students.

Bolstered by a predominance of liberal predisposition amongst the governors of academia’s managing régimes procedural discretion is the justification for denying variant thought on campus. The prevailing leadership of Academia has surreptitiously redefined the spirit and meaningfulness of the 1st Amendment of the Constitution to service their political philosophy.

 Interestingly, these intellectually endowed progressives are very flexible when it comes to Constitutional interpretation. But then, I must remember they are omniscient; therefore it follows that their sense of moral righteousness predominates. As a credit to their intellectual superiority, they are able to maneuver thru the twists and turns of their own contradictions and hypocrisies, achieve reelection, and passionately endorse socialistic answers to today’s problems. Neo-Marxist Saul Alinsky would be very proud of the ideals, formation of rationale, and especially the measurable influential advancement of today’s progressive movement upon America’s culture.

All was going so well for these progressives until November 8 of last year… and then came the unbelievable:  A Donald Trump electoral win! Baffled, confused, and strenuously disorientated, the progressives abruptly lost their intuitive skills. They wandered about, mumbling and rubbing their bellies, hoping to comfort their inners. After multiple attempts at blaming this, that, and the others, the progressives have settled on “résistance” as their stratégie du jour.

As a conservative, I am very pleased. If their strategy was to direct their energy toward the betterment of the nation, not necessarily abandoning their Democratic Party values, but putting indifferences aside where it was possible, well, that could siphon off some voters in the next election… Thankfully, revenge is their motivation.

As an extra bonus (for the Republicans) toward the next election, the Democrats elected DNC’s chairman Tom Perez…


Authored by William Robert Barber

The recent opinion of the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals is the perfect contextual insight into a liberal progressive mindset: For these believers, “the letter of the law” is simply a cause to interpret, modernize, and philosophically enjoin with progressive thought. The motivational thesis of the left is one of deeply felt inspirations geared to functionally realign and reconfigure the law’s original intent to suit progressive ideals. It is obvious that the goal of the 9th Circuit was to complement their contemporary socio-political “feelings;” this court’s inherent progressive ideological underpinnings are the raison d’être that provided the basis of their opinion. Their intent was NOT to consider the clear and simple literal meaning of the law — but to overtly subvert the law in favor of progressively inspired contrarianism. 

Thanks to Harry Reid, the senatorial Democrats do not have the votes nor means to stop the proceedings, so they purposefully delay and scurrilously attack each nominee until they procedurally no longer can. I assume this stratagem, costumed as a political strategy, is calculated to win back the Senate in 2018. All I observe is a frustrated, annoyed electorate confounded by such stubborn idiocy.  

The leftists (democrats and their sympathizers) are untethered from reason and rational: they are amok. Their conduct as “representatives of the people” is demeaning to the very meaningfulness of this republic. I assume the cause of such nonsensical behavior is the loss of the last election coupled with their inability to emotionally accept this outcome. The leftists have traversed from “Not my President” to a tactic of dressed in black, donning hood and mask and armed with baseball bat, ready to physically confront and destroy. This particular minority of resisters has evolved from the non-acceptance of a Trump victory to forming a posse of vigilantes.

In the interest of contentment, maybe Blue States should consider seceding from the union. However, unlike 1861, this president (with the support of Red States) would endorse and ratify the act of succession.

More than likely, the only remedy for Democrats is to lose the next election wherein they would decrease their senatorial numbers and proportionate influence; 8 or so seats ceded to the republicans should do it.

Instead of compromising with conservatives, the democrats have moved further to the political socio-economic left and with the election of Trump and the Republican control of Congress the Republicans are not in a mood to listen or facilitate Democratic concerns. There’s no Fort Sumter in the near future; however, I believe we are still one more election away from meaningful deliberations.