Authored by William Robert Barber

A democratically inclined republic is purposely vested in a representative form of governing. The representatives are elected by the people validating the founding principle of democracy. Therefore the republic qualifies as a government of, by, and for the citizens of the republic. All well and just as long as the citizens participate in elections and render all aspects of every form of government, political parties, and governing with clear-eyed askance.

There is however an issue of overriding concern. A concern that is plainly transparent, data palpable, and frankly, wholly unacceptable: Citizens do not sufficiently contribute to the process required to maintain this constitutional republic.

A significant portion of Americans are media driven voyeurs, effortlessly stimulated to accept and react. They call themselves political activists.

We are led by “Politicians.” The direct and well-worn meaning of the word is acknowledged. However, the word does denote other indirect colloquial meanings: such as “forked-tongue,” deceiver, manipulator of truthfulness, and disseminator of factoids. Legally, in the defense of his client or to elongate the term of adjudication, an officer of the court may lawfully exaggerate, lie, distort, or skirt the truth. Politicians, when speaking on the Senate floor or speaking to the nation’s citizens. are not obligated to speak the truth. They may — and do — exaggerate, lie, distort, and certainly skirt the truth.

The mainstay duty of a citizen is to not trust the government and to regard the politicians with askance. Instead, because of laziness, ignorance, and entertaining distractions we trust and thus, suffer the consequences.

We Americans trusted Eisenhower to end the war in Korea and subsequent administrations to protect America against the North Korean menace; instead, we have a gangster nuclear arm nation of fanatics. We trusted Truman’s decision not to cross the Yalu River and drop a nuclear bomb in communist China. We trusted Kennedy’s decisions not to invade Castro’s Cuba. We trusted Carter when he kicked out the Shah in favor of the religious fanatic. We went along with Carter giving up the Panama Canal to a military dictator. We trusted Johnson’s management of the Vietnam War and Nixon’s decision to enable defeat. Obviously, I could go on and on…

In the present, Iran enriched by Obama’s silliness is evermore the terrorist supporter. North Korea with nuclear capability is at the brink of killing hundreds of thousands in a losing war. And Russia bullies its weight around the peripheries of its sphere of incidental influence.

Since the end of WWII American political leadership will not, in favor of dalliances of convenience, accept international realities. Leadership has watched too many Hollywood movies wherein the hero as well as the villain is identifiable and the ending morally ordained.

Reality dictates that force of arms is the requirement of prelude to confrontation and the finale of said confrontation. The satisfactory ending of a present confrontation is nothing less than a prelude to the next confrontation; violent confrontation is a never ending continuum.

Our dilemma of present confrontation was created by enabling our enemies and thwarting prudence in favor of deception. Deception was necessary for reelection and an obligatory of sticking one’s head in the sand in the interest of supporting a policy of hopefulness.


Authored by William Robert Barber

One may assume that the believers of political socio-economic progressivism are the smartest of the smartest; these believers of progressive ideologies are intelligentsia personified, they have achieved the highest of educational standards. Nonetheless, since the loss of H. Clinton’s presidential bid, progressives are wandering about babbling nonsensical conspiracy theories that suggest President Trump enlisted Russia’s help in defeating their heroine.

At multiple levels of government investigation the Democrats are hounding after what does not exist. They seem clumsily perplexed, hyperbolical in response, and befuddled by Trump’s awe-inspiring election victory. Instead of the progressive’s political leadership consenting to introspective thoughtfulness-these super- shrewd –progressives have conjured up a scurrilous factoid as the reason for their devastating electoral loss.

Striving to satisfy a rage of unrequited antagonism, the Democratic Party has settled on revenge as their raison d’être. A characteristic of revenge is passion run amok. True to form this passion, stirred by revenge, applied asymmetrically in a willy-nilly manner free of thoughtfulness, is self-defeating.

Trump’s Tomahawk missile attack on a Syrian airfield is a perfect example of an unpredictable event erasing a scurrilous conjecture.  Obviously, the president is not in cahoots with Putin’s intelligence service. Of course there really are certain media and leftist crazies that will not accept the obvious; instead, they have created a much deeper conspiracy theory wherein the attack was a ruse to cover Trump’s indulgences with Putin.

Well, the “dye is cast;” the Rubicon has been crossed. Trump is now a player in Syria. The Russians and the Iranians can make the worst or the best of it. And then there’s North Korea…