Authored by William Robert Barber

One may assume that the believers of political socio-economic progressivism are the smartest of the smartest; these believers of progressive ideologies are intelligentsia personified, they have achieved the highest of educational standards. Nonetheless, since the loss of H. Clinton’s presidential bid, progressives are wandering about babbling nonsensical conspiracy theories that suggest President Trump enlisted Russia’s help in defeating their heroine.

At multiple levels of government investigation the Democrats are hounding after what does not exist. They seem clumsily perplexed, hyperbolical in response, and befuddled by Trump’s awe-inspiring election victory. Instead of the progressive’s political leadership consenting to introspective thoughtfulness-these super- shrewd –progressives have conjured up a scurrilous factoid as the reason for their devastating electoral loss.

Striving to satisfy a rage of unrequited antagonism, the Democratic Party has settled on revenge as their raison d’être. A characteristic of revenge is passion run amok. True to form this passion, stirred by revenge, applied asymmetrically in a willy-nilly manner free of thoughtfulness, is self-defeating.

Trump’s Tomahawk missile attack on a Syrian airfield is a perfect example of an unpredictable event erasing a scurrilous conjecture.  Obviously, the president is not in cahoots with Putin’s intelligence service. Of course there really are certain media and leftist crazies that will not accept the obvious; instead, they have created a much deeper conspiracy theory wherein the attack was a ruse to cover Trump’s indulgences with Putin.

Well, the “dye is cast;” the Rubicon has been crossed. Trump is now a player in Syria. The Russians and the Iranians can make the worst or the best of it. And then there’s North Korea…

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