7 05 2017

Authored by William Robert Barber

The earth is no longer flat nor positioned as the center of the universe… it once was. And once upon a time, not so very long ago, a king professed a divine right to rule and to dispute the king’s right was a sin. Well, the concept of such powers debunked. The U.S. Constitution at one time, definitively, enforced covenants such as popular sovereignty, limited government, separation of powers, federalism, and a system of checks and balances. These covenants are no longer. When implemented the covenants are no longer translucent, evident, and palpable. Now days, every covenant is subject to a legal process of arbitrary means and methods. The ligne claire of what is fact is eroding into the subjective and relative.  

The evolving acceptance, by institution and individual, of what facts are factual encroaches, even threatens the susceptibility of deductive thought. However, the actual crisis of righteousness for the average American layman exists not merely because of the prevalent ambiguity of “the law.” But principally, whether one is guilty or innocent, the dependence of the outcome is premised on money. In reality, justice and fairness have little to nothing to do with the legal process.

It is amusingly sad (and I say amusingly only because crying facilitates the same result) that the original constitutional covenants are so distorted from original meaning and spirit they are unrecognizable.  These distortions are directly responsible for the abatement of American values such as self-reliance, individualism, and liberty.

I do credit the Trump administration’s efforts to redirect this nation’s priorities. Seemingly, the progressives — or should I say the “resistance” — are on a Machiavellian quest. Their objective is to deny Republican success, even if that success would correct the nation’s failing healthcare system.

The Democratic Party believes that they can pacify all who-voted-for-Trump into willfully, yielding to the liberal progressive ideological belief system of governance. Well, after the successes of FDR and Obama I can understand the probability of such reasoning; nonetheless, there has been a political awakening and this emergence of “change” is vibrant.

But of course, the world once was flat and Obama was, remarkably, elected twice…




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