17 05 2017

Authored by William Robert Barber

Motivated by Trump’s presidential victory and their humiliating loss the Democrats are hell-bent on destroying the president, even at the cost of debilitating the virility of America’s prowess. The Democrats are exuberantly hyperventilating over their command of the media-driven message. The president is role-playing a script written by Senator Schumer, directed by Nancy Pelosi, and produced by the DNC. President Trump’s performance is beyond the wildest expectations; the president is directly responsible for the success of the production’s writer, director, and producer.

Democrats have authored a fiction of zero redeemable merits; nonetheless, with the active efforts of the president to muck things up, the president is complicit in the degrading of his office and the Republican brand. By means consciously knowing, impulsively reckless, or wholly unintended, the president — with the help of portentous “leakers” — has in short order enabled his misdirection. 

By “hook or crook,” in other words, by any means necessary, the progressives, while shaping the hangman’s knot, have dominated the story, respective of facts. Stupefied by their leader’s naïve, often childlike reactive with media discourse, allies and friends are confused.

Remembering: in all of the accusations of misconduct the president acted well within his constitutional rights, there is no evidence to the contrary. The Russians’ efforts to influence the election for Trump over Clinton have no substantiation, ergo Trump is the president of the United States. I think that “ergo Trump is president” is the Democrats’ issue of preponderant concern.

One need not worry about Russian influence in the election when one has the Democratic Party manufacturing factoids. Naturally, the complicity of mainstream and cable media’s adherence to progressive ideology in line with Democratic messaging is helpful. After all, propaganda requires distribution and messaging is all about repetition; pound out the half-truths, hell outright lie, just do it with zest and often. In time, the truth evolves into irrelevancy.

This entire gambit played out by the Democrats is solely about the next election. The swamp is propagating not abating and the Democrats are feeding the alligators in hopes of regaining power.

For reasons just beyond my grasp (not able to articulate the why of it all) I do believe that the president will beat back today, as well as tomorrow’s scurrilous onslaught and redeem his political sway. The Democrats have overplayed their hand. Eventually, despite the “resistance’s” need to never end the investigating, the investigative era will end. President Trump will never be exonerated from the allegations of Russian collusion simply because the Democrats despite all findings of innocence will hold on to the falsehood that the lack of proof does not necessitate innocence. The Democrats hate the man as such no “evidence discovered” will suffice as an indictment. 

Now if we can just get the president to stop making the Democrats’ day…




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