Authored by William Robert Barber

The vitriol of the Democratic Party for the Trump presidency is intensely lethal. “The Party” is tactically aligned with an action group known as the “resistance.” This progressive movement is in practice a confederation of political leftists, socialists, and “useful idiots.” The movement’s sociopolitical dogmatism is encouraged by a fresh assortment of habitual contrarians and the always dependable coterie of collective utopians. The Democratic Party utilizes this progressive movement, which is in fact a reactionary force, too, by any means actionable, to impair the operational workings of the Trump administration and ravage President Trump’s personal reputation.

For those of progressive inclinations, the cause of Clinton’s defeat is too palpable to accept. The salutary effect of a Trump victory for conservative governance is so consequential that the Democrats and their Progressive brethren cannot, or should I emphasize, will never accept the Trump presidency as legitimate.

Therefore, the Democrats, aided by Trump’s rhetorical excess, initially conceived then judiciously devised and artfully propagated (with the assist of a willing media) the false narrative that the Trump campaign colluded (a more meaningful descriptive: conspired) with Putin’s Russia to avail Trump’s election victory while vilifying Clinton’s political and personal image.

This particular indictment (of conspiracy) requires no evidence, only flirtations of and with the imaginable. If the Democrats initiated a federal lawsuit claiming that the Trump campaign colluded with the Russians to win the election, the unadulterated absence of evidence would result in a dismissal. Of course, the current Congressional shenanigans (investigations) are not a lawsuit — it is a false flag expedition seeking to impair the Trump administration.

The Democrats proclaim Russia’s intervention in America’s elections as a serious detriment to the country’s democracy. I say that proclamation is ridiculous. The serious threat to our democracy is the preponderance of behavioral fraudulence perpetrated by the elected and the appointed. Governing is no longer the principal task of Congress. In fact, the process of legislating, administrating, and overseeing the workings of governance conflicts with the realpolitik of winning the next election. The principal task of Congress persons is for their political party to achieve the predomination of legislative, executive, and judicial authority.

There is a civil war raging between two distinctive political, socio-economic, and fiscal policy ideologies. The conflict is over the interpretation of the nation’s constitution and the concept of limited governance versus a government of unilateral determinations.

The political parties are at war. There will be no abatement of hotly contested disagreement. In the present tolerance, patience, and compromise are a historical reference, not a viable alternative to disputation.

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