Authored by William Robert Barber

The Democratic Party’s contention is that the Trump campaign colluded with the Russians: They want that contention so badly to be true, they will settle for close-enough. For months, the Democratic political war machine and its media brethren have tried, retried, and then doubled down on trying to make the round fit into the square.

If outrage were a being instead of a manifestation, “outrage” would be the liberal media’s most vibrant protagonist. The Democratic Party’s outrage is, of course, a ruse, a false deceptive to achieve a political end; the purpose of which started thoughtlessly as a simple display of election disgruntlement and evolved into multipronged federal investigations. The Democrats intended to straightforwardly dishevel the Trump administration by creating the collusion with Russia fiction.

Now, however, the Obama administration and their cohorts are summoned to testify under oath. The how-come and why-for queries from senators and representatives will release to the public liberal progressive schemes, plots, and illegal leaks intentionally perpetrated to undermine the effectiveness of the Trump presidency.

“Morning Joe,” is an early morning televised liberal progressive “opinion” presenter/ interpreter of current events and affairs. The hosts gather their media regulars to discuss the actions of their program’s prolific maker of the newsworthy Donald J. Trump. From the beginning to end the show’s host and guests scurrilously roast the president over his actions, non-actions, and should-have-dones. The huddled supporting casts of re-occurring reporters, pundits, historians, democratic notables, and guest politicians — for the most part — do their share of casting rhetorically inflammable on to the roasting.

Hosted by Joe Scarborough, Mika Brzezinski, and Willie Geist, “Morning Joe” exhibits a jolliness of mutual satisfaction in the knowing of their moral rightfulness. Joe’s titillated gift of off-topic spontaneity and Mika’s obsessive animosity for the president’s policies, personality, and physical being. Willie’s eagerness to comply with whatever Mr. Scarborough suggests and implies or expresses rounds out the show’s theme.

Herein is the perfect example of “Morning Joe’s” ingratitude. NBC does not, despite his contribution to the show’s content, pay Donald Trump a dime. Without President Trump, the show’s ratings would retrograde to its previous dismal average.

In time the Republicans will pass the required upgrade on healthcare. For the ordinary citizen as well as corporations taxes will significantly abate, and the reporting thereof will simplify. All federal investigations will end. The assertion of “collusion” will prove to be unprovable; nevertheless, the Democrats will continue the unprovable diatribe until they lose the midterms.

Pissed-off and resolute in their resistance to accepting Donald Trump as president the Democrats will pursue their political philosophy shift to the socialistic left. Political correctness will dictate acceptable behavior. Their Ivy League credentials will dissuade alternative measures, their willful elitism only disorients and befuddles. The Democrats are signed on to a continuum of congruent political leftism that defines Bernie Sanders as a centralist and Hillary Clinton as conservative.

Acknowledging the tenor of America’s blue collar dissatisfaction with politics, as usual, is not possible for the Democratic leadership. Consequentially, notwithstanding Republican fumbles and the president’s tweets, the Democrats are lost in a Neverland of “what I want to be when I grow up” confusion.