Authored by William Robert Barber

Prophetically, (as if I have prophetic powers) in my last blog I highlighted “Morning Joe,” noting that MSNBC owes theme and subject fees to the president since he is the day-to-day topic. Unknowing to me, the president was also watching Joe and Mica’s unrelenting personal attacks upon his person. Morning Joe’s writers, producers, and the regular cast of the ideologically aligned caught the angst of the president. Sadly, the president’s impulsive tweet did more good for the morning program than millions of dollars worth of advertising — or the guest appearance of Elvis Presley.

These signature Trump tweets are child-like dumb: allowing the “creative” progressives to broadcast that these tweets are symptomatic of a form of psychosomatic incoherence. Question: Why would the president insists on damaging his person and policy agenda to respond to “Morning Joe”? Answer: No one knows.

The status update on the Republican health care legislation is as follows: It’s dead; it’s alive; it’s on resuscitation; it has no chance… but somehow, something good will come out of all the discord and rancor.

These divergent concerns, interests, prerogatives of States are as old as 1789 and form the very basis of the reasoning of federalism. The concept of creating and operating a top-down national health care service that lowers premiums and deductibles while servicing more Americans, is equivalent to a maker of shoes producing one size and one color for all consumers. The national government cannot interrupt the healthcare requirements of States with differing needs. Therefore, the conflict will always deduce down to the States’ governors only pertinent question: How much federal funding is coming my way?

However, what the federal government has done (and continues to do) has far greater ramifications than the inability to satisfy the nation’s health care needs. The federal government is systematically buying off individual liberty with the illusionary currency of security.

Case in point, the last several years of President Obama’s Medicaid expansion is nothing less than the purposeful establishment of a single payer system. Medicaid intended as a healthcare safety net for the poor was ambushed; the Democrats simply changed the definition of poor.

No federal program is fiscally solvent. Our national debt is — when compared to reasonable fiscal prudence — horrendously out of synchronization; nonetheless, for our Congress spending more money is never an issue of and for fiscal anxiety.

Where is the prudent, the rational, and common sensibility of America’s noteworthy deductive reasoning? Oh yes, (for progressives) reasoning is circumvented in favor of “what elitists believe to be the common good.” Deductive reasoning is no longer a tenet of progressive thought. Now, days after losing an election, they comfortably believed they had won these polymaths of progressive thoughts, are busy striving to retain power, demeaning the Trump presidency, and wasting taxpayer monies on investigations, intent on chasing after what does not exist.

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