Authored by William Robert Barber

The recent and current squabbling (i.e. the healthcare chaos) prompts and reveals the unrelenting, often nonsensical, rhetorical battering amongst our wholly disingenuous elected representatives… Possibly, the concept of self-governing is just beyond the reach of consistent probability.

Why would Senator McCain fly to Washington D.C. to vote “NO”? He could have spared the media melodrama and simply stayed home — the result would have been the same and he would not have embarrassed leadership.

Besides the issue of concern, the evident and discernible challenging task resides in those states that allowed the expansion of Medicaid and require federal funding for continued sustenance. Instead of forthrightly defining the actual problem with Medicaid, Republicans, because these politicians are weak of heart as well as a belief in the obvious solution, leadership talks about funding cuts in the ill-defined future; this is not defining the issue of concern nor offering a solution. In fact, such forecasting requires a Harbinger’s license.

No one addresses the looming national deficit, the outrageous cost of governing, the persistent borrowing from those that will lend, the billions paid on interest; the government’s exploitive and persistent promising of “something for nothing” continues to façade reality. How in the empirical and deductive, in hopes of influencing votes, can Senator McConnell offer billions of dollars for any reason when those funds derived from borrowing or printing drives up the deficit?

The citizenry’s addiction to government issued payola as endorsed and protected by the elected proves the corruptive symbiosis between régime, politicians seeking an elective continuance, and the ever-reliant.  The addicts are the newly endowed unregistered lobbyist and the elected striving to retain power are eager to quid-pro-quo their vote in exchange for more payola.

The crux of the “give away” elixir is founded on and paid for under the widely held belief in the magical cure of wealth redistribution. The hypothesis is that progressive taxation will engineer a panacea of social egalitarianism. Lovely words and handsome faces assuage counter views with charming charisma. Artful persuasion creates widespread consensus and the hypothesis of redistribution is law.

Almost immediately, as if out of a heretofore unanticipated void, issues, concerns, and problems emerge. Bureaucracy is dutifully created to dedicate, regulate, and administer. The hypothesis propagates inexplicable authority and expands; the initial budget and cost of implementation exceed legislative expectation, more monies are demanded and fulfilled. Within the span of one administration, bureaucracy overwhelms congressional oversight and the original intent is as if it never was.

The definition of poor and rich redefined. The taxpayer base is expanded to include Americans earning $76,000 and upwards; this is the grouping that pays the vast majority of the taxes. Factually, Americans making less than $40,000 per year, for the most, are overtly omitted from tax paying altogether. These Americans covertly disenfranchised as able citizens; are rendered disabled into disinterest; they degenerate into “useful idiots.” Exclusion from tax-paying obligation abates the republic’s requirement for citizenry participation and enables indifference.

“The fix is apparent:” The Republic is dead. Competence, prudence, and good sense are no longer required. The nation’s citizens have allowed the federal government to grow into an uncontrollable monolithic behemoth.

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