THE PREDATOR, homo sapiens

Authored by William Robert Barber

Throughout the two hundred thousand years of evolving into the most intelligent of beings humankind has accepted violent conflict as a constant. The predator homo sapiens, for reasons explicable and inexplicable, with premeditated intent or haphazard disregard, purposefully designs and executes the wherewithal to kill, maim, and torture its fellow humans.

Ostensibly, a culture of violence is the basis of homo sapiens behavior.

Interestingly, the Latin meaning of homo sapiens (“wise man”), when measured in practice, is counter intuitive: A wise man would not purposefully design the means to kill millions of its own; however, killing millions of its own is exactly the history of homo sapiens.

I submit that as water, food, and shelter are primal to survival and therefore an essential to life, seemingly violent conflict is an inevitable absolute of human behavior. Humankind’s voluminously documented propensity for violence is factual; therefore, one must consider violence an undeniable mainstay of homo sapiens behavior.

Nonetheless, our nation’s foreign policy cavalierly denies the undeniable and proceeds to endorse a foreign policy of baseless theoretical assumptions, quixotic inclinations, and “wish it were so” predeterminations. It is this idealistic wrongheadedness that prompts the present North Korean crisis. General Eisenhower made the initial mistake: When seeking the presidency, he pledged to end the war in Korea. Ending the war in Korea did not mean victory — it meant enabling the client State of China; it meant the unwitting support of a gangster regime armed with nuclear weapons.

The strategic concept of “mutually assured destruction” has been a reality since the 1950’s. This concept was (in my estimation) a default strategy. The sensible strategy would have been to disallow — by force of arms — any nation’s interest in developing or buying the necessary supplements to creating a nuclear bomb.

As a decisive point of historical reference President Truman was wrong in restricting General MacArthur’s military initiatives, and because of Truman’s fear of broadening the UN police action in Korea, today, millions of lives are at risk of inhalation.

When General Eisenhower, the supreme commander of allied forces, allowed the Russian Army to take Berlin, the Yalta Conference’s academic and theoretical evolved into reality. Stalin, the former ally of Hitler, was delightfully amused by the childlike gullibility of Western leadership. Eisenhower found solace in accepting “the orders of the day”; he abandoned deductive logic in favor of cognitively inadequate assumptions and doomed Eastern Europe to communist dominance.

American leadership has squandered the blood of their fellow Americans and imprudently misspent hundreds of billions of the nation’s treasury in the pursuit of what does not exist: Peace. Peace does not exist because humankind is not rational nor reasonable. The world is not a romantic comedy full of love and kindness. The good guys do not always win.

Goodness is by its innate nature the less of evil’s more. Because of its preponderance evil will always besiege good. North Korea is evil. This evil, no matter the cost, must be destroyed.

John Donne said it best: “No man is an island, entire of itself; every man is a piece of the continent.” To whom does the bell toll? “It tolls for thee.” America is militarily the strongest of the Western democracies. When compared to China, Putin’s Russia, and North Korea, America is as close to a moral “good,” as a nation state governed by humans might achieve. In the interest of John Donne’s declaration, America must rid the world of the North Korean menace… NOW!

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