Authored by William Robert Barber

Trumpian polemics, as expressed by the principal, is mostly an impulsive creation of variant manifestations of ‘feelings’ delivered on an “at the ready” basis to an audience of “baited breath.” The reasoning (given by the president) is that he is a counter-puncher. In other words, the president’s message is schoolyard simple: if you mess with me I will mess with you — only harder.  Hmm… when charged with governing, does that tactic work?

The on-going cannon fodder the president willfully provides to his enemies are astoundingly counter-productive. Nevertheless, the president per twitter insists and via his speeches persists in delivering a consistent volume of contentious self-destructive verbiage.

The president, if ever challenged by the media to play Russian roulette, would load his revolver with three live rounds instead of one.  

Seemingly, the president is not only impulsive — he is an indifferent meandering cavalier solely disinterested in the polemic’s effectiveness; as if vectored by the direction of the wind, he disregards and discounts. He forgets the most scurrilous of his remarks as easily as water flows off a duck’s back.  For the president, a factoid is very close to the confusing truth. The president tosses the factoid and the truth casually, possibly imprudently, rhetorically exchanging one for the other, free of forethought or concern.

On the other hand, the nonsensical emphasis and re-emphasis by the media on the meaningless, the hyperbolic regurgitation of an infinitesimal faux pas, delivered with a continuum of sangfroid absolutism and Schadenfreude intent, is void of truthfulness resulting (for the recipient) in a tiresome sense of boredom. Peggy Lee said it best in 1969 in the song, “Is that all there is?”

The media is obsessed with the narcotic inducing president; they require a regular fix. Besides, the president and his free-wheeling style does all the work for them. A pundit need not consult a mystic to decipher President Trump’s meanings. The president is transparently honest. Nothing metaphysical or false-hearted with the doings of President Trump; the man, often to his detriment, calls a spade a spade to friend and foe alike; even when he is mistaken, even when he needs that particular spade to aid and assist his agenda. The president is not loyal to the Republican Party — he is loyal to his agenda and the country.

The President’s flaws overflow and overlap; he is spontaneous, impetuous, and often thwarts his objectives. At times his narcissism provokes a careless dimwittedness of knowing who he is, where he is, and the expectations put upon the “leader of the free world.”

Nonetheless, this president of ours is honest of heart and mind. Unlike a great many politicians that are his peer and those that preceded President Trump right, wrong, or somewhere in between, this is the Hillary Clinton alternative that preserved individual liberty, saved the nation from socialism, and regenerated capitalism to its rightful place.

 At this time and under these circumstances, this president is what this nation requires.

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