Authored by William Robert Barber

Ever since Supreme Allied Commander Eisenhower had allowed Stalin to destroy Berlin, the United States have stumbled, hesitated, blundered, meandered, and with anxious helter-shelter expended trillions of dollars and unknowing amounts of blood in pursuit of indefinable obscurities. It is inexplicable to me that our leaders, graduates of the most exquisite schools, commanding excellent strategic resources and often enjoying tactical superiority have misspent treasure and wasted so much blood. This phenomenon is a profound mystery…

But then, look at our Republicans: What does it actually take to lower personal income taxes for every American? Apparently, having the majority in Congress and a Republican in the White House is not enough.

I’d love to know the rationale of not giving a tax break to the “so-called” rich and the super rich. Is it an accepted unwritten rule that upon attaining “rich”, the rich forfeit equal treatment under the tax code? And the (by the feds) designated poor, why is it they pay no, none, zero taxes on income? In truth, when a citizen pays no personal income tax, the government has just disenfranchised that citizen. The citizen has no motivation to participate in the government’s governance when one has no “skin in the game”; electoral concerns are inconsequential.

A new cultural phenomenon has initially eclipsed, then overwhelmed and surpassed the culture of post-WWII. The evolving acceptance of a variance of what is truthful has shattered our mores. Our traditional trust in self-reliance, individualism, meritocracy, and societal interdependence is challenged as archaic by the liberals. The progressive liberal has successfully offered the State represented by an omniscient government bristling with experts as the secular, “I am the way, the truth, and the life.” As a result of such offerings, fifty percent of Americans will trade and have traded their liberty and personal freedom for a/the pretense of financial surety.

In the present media environment, Muslims are to be appreciated, Christians at best tolerated, African Americans acknowledged as persecuted (because they’re black), white people are the problem, and Hispanics (if illegal) must be called “undocumented” and eventually granted citizenship. All of this is prompted and promoted by the liberal progressive media whose news gathering criteria seems focused on the division and celebrating chaos. And we are worried about Russian influence on our elections?!?

The truth is no longer the result of evidentiary deduction. Logic is often superceded by popular sentiment. Within the encyclopedic dogma of progressivism the truth is a preordained determinative wherein the result is the a priori and the means irrelevant. The preceding is the same political philosophy and tactical wherewithal of Vladimir Lenin and Saul Alinsky.

Will the Republican pass tax legislation? Will they lose Alabama to a liberal progressive? Governing under Trump is a thriller…