17 01 2018

Authored by William Robert Barber

For the Democratic Party contentiousness is the rhetorical instrument of choice. Resistance to all things emanating from Trump is the raison d’être of their liberal progressive thought. Allied with like-minded media, naïve Republican politicians, and a president that is his very worse antagonist sums into: advantage Democrats.

Panache and the superfluous have once again repressed, even subjugated the awesome righteous substance of his (Trump’s) achievements.

According to the ever-present barrage of the considered newsworthy, the American people are seemingly more interested in the particular profanity used in a private meeting with the president than the substantive purpose of the meeting. Of course aside from the profanity used, the concentration of concern is the description of certain countries as shitholes. Well, I’ve been to the countries mentioned. And excluding certain arm-guarded neighborhoods that protect the few from the more, they are shitholes. It just so happens that the population of these shitholes are not white Anglos. Therefore, to portray these people as NOT prime immigrant candidates for the United States repulses the politically correct elite of the progressive left.

Of course hypocrisy, deceitful conflation, misdirection, factoid adherence, and outright lies feed the narrative of the resistance’s insistence on abolishing the Trump presidency.

As demonstrated in the last election, the Democratic Party and their union bedfellows have lost — and are losing — the once always dependable positive gratitude of the blue-collar American. When scoring the operative merit of liberal progressive cities and states the commonality is high taxation, welfare dependence, excessive poverty, consumer indebtedness, impaired school systems, and unjustifiable numbers of here-to-stay illegal immigrants.  

Withstanding the heretofore (from a conservative’s view) achievements of the Trump administration; the pre-determinative deeply held ideological perceptions of the Democratic Party coupled with the motivation to capture the House of Representatives in the next election will not allow panegyric salutations.

In essence, the Republican party must hold on to the House of Representatives and increase membership in the Senate. Trump must re-validate the tenets of his political philosophy and governess.




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