14 02 2018

Authored by William Robert Barber

Among people freer than others there has always been unbridgeable ideological, theological, cultural, and societal differing. The means of expressing these differings determine the severity of the breach. Seemingly, the historical rule of choice, regardless of the particular issue of differing, demand actions acrimoniously irrational and unreasonable. It is as if the subject of disagreement is inconsequential, even forgotten, as long as the retribution is excruciating.

The Democrats initiated an investigation of President Trump. The investigation has found no evidence to sustain the original accusation. Nonetheless, the investigation and the charges continue. However, information has surfaced that the Democrats would rather not discuss, much less investigate.

Despite mounting evidence to the contrary the Democrats insist that the FBI and DOJ operated with clean hands when applying for their FISA warrants. They double-down on their declarations that there was no FBI inspired conspiracy afoot to delegitimize President Trump by extralegal means. They perpetuate, with less vigor, the falsehood that the Trump campaign colluded with the “Russians” to assure Trump’s electoral victory.

Like a deer caught in the headlights of an oncoming vehicle, the Democrats are frozen. To no avail spinmeisters allied with the political left do their very best to misdirect, deceive, and conjure the American audience to believe in their factoids.

One needs to understand that self-evident axiom, whether real and measurable or artificial and indeterminate, rarely overcomes a devoted believer’s belief. Some would conclude that these differings generated by a legacy of second party influence or by first party experience are the creators of determinative beliefs. Others believe logic and deduction culminate into indisputable facts. No matter the origin, the facts, or the truthfulness empirically embodied in the content. The chance of overturning a determinative belief by contrary facts is nil. The Democrats will not allow evidence to the contrary of their beliefs to interfere with their determinative.

So we are locked into the monumental waste of time and money, seeking what does not exist for the satisfaction of those that conjure falsities created for political gain. As I have mentioned many times, the corruption causing the greatest harm to our republic is statutorily compliant corruption perpetrated in the majority by licensed officers of the court and elected officials.



4 02 2018

Authored by William Robert Barber

I am bewildered and disappointed to read that the Democrats and ideologically inclined progressives worry that trust in this nation’s judicial institutions is at risk of serious abatement. That the rank and file, the employees of those that serve in these institutions specifically because of Congressional inquiry suffer, according to those on the political left, a dispiriting loss of morale. Plus in aggregate, the charge (presented by Democrats and progressives) is that (for the benefit of President Trump) an unjustified inquiry has developed into a scandalous “hit-piece” whose purpose erodes confidence in the Muller investigation.

The operative apparatus of government is managed and governed by human beings — not angels. Therefore inherently, the government is not a trustful entity; indeed, all governments are to some extent corrupt.The mandate for citizens of this (somewhat) democratic republic is to look upon government with deep-seated everlasting askance.

According to the news media and their progressive cohorts, Devin Nunes is the malefactor, the fiend that manufactured the four-page indictment of FBI and DOJ malfeasance. The counter-parties of transparency have issued an “all hands on deck” order to discredit and malign Nunes, Republicans serving on the investigative committee, and all who proport the memo as accurate.

My prediction, for one simple reason: at-hand comparison. The Democrats will never submit their version of a four-page memo. It is far more conspicuous to spout specious accusations than to defend authored words.

Surely, high-ranking members of the FBI, DOJ, and select officers of the intelligence community have nominally transgressed or outright violated statutory laws as well as their oath of office. These institutions have little to no respect for Congress or the Constitution. They consider themselves as autonomous fiefdoms and resent the concept of oversight.

The aid and abet of a sustained bureaucracy coupled with elected representatives serving term to term is a requirement for corruptive practice. The truth is, unelected chieftains manage the governing of this nation. Nunes merely highlighted the most recent lawlessness perpetrated by those appointed to respect and enforce the law. Those serving on oversight only know what is before them; they do not know what they do not know — or more pointedly, they are limited in what they can prove.

The flashing lights of last year’s election have hypnotised the resistance movement into a begruntle acknowledgment of President Trump’s electoral victory. Though presently the resistance is only concerned with his removal from office and stymieing any legislative cooperation is a fait accompli. For the Democrats the so-called “dreamers” can wait. After all, the president will not deport them, whole or part — and if he did order deportation, one can imagine the repercussions.

It should not be surprising that those in power violate the law as well as their oath. What is surprising is the reason that prompted such behavior. Imagine members of the FBI and DOJ deciding to hamper a duly elected president because they do not like his personality, wherewithal, and politics. A rational mind seeking a reasonable conclusion must deduce the obvious President Trump ran against the Democrats, the Republicans, the lefties, the DOJ, and the FBI — and still won.