19 02 2018

Authored by William Robert Barber

The soiled wetness of unattended diapers intensifies their punitive intent in tantrums and suffering from false memory syndrome, progressives strike out against any and all that is not them. The democratic party spurned on to delinquent action by these vengeful few whose basis of cognitive thought is rooted in trusting self-creating factoids. The leadership of these pseudo geniuses of the ideological left has effectually and singlehandedly distorted deductive reasoning into a faith; a faith that avoids, per illogical analysis, empirical evidence contrary to their core beliefs.

The satisfaction derived from such faith-based conclusiveness ends the wanting(s) of and for the truth. Adhering to the content of ll Principe the Democrats passionately support their leftist shock troops. Caring less for the means caring more about the results. These disciples of Saul Alinsky have conceded to the crucibles of his dictum, embracing chaos while mitigating sensibility by fomenting deceitful ruses. These progressives offer conjecture and contrariness as the viable answer to the multitude of today’s pertinent societal and ideological questions and problems. 

Basking in the synthetically warm glow of egalitarian virtue, championing social justice, equating constitutional authority as an odium défilé recurrent with a legacy of immoral behaviour. Progressives with the aid and assist of Sympatico affiliates within academia and the media utilize anti-Trump sentiment to propagate a whimsical distortion of reality. Juxtaposing actual events into a re-scripted version purposed for liberal acceptance, inspired propaganda, and political contributions.  

The mainstay of their bearing is contra-Trump, pro-resistance, and con-republicanism. Their governmental strategy is to erect a top-down fiefdom managed by omnipotent wonks, serviced by a bureaucracy of useful dependents, and led by an elite intelligentsia of the influential.  The raison d’état is the “common good.” For the good of the common discretion incapacitates and maligns the rule of law wherein lawful compliance is the exception. The jurisdiction gives way to statutory compliant corruption and within this environment the connected rule. What one knows acquiesces to who one knows. The republic evolves into a Plutocracy, the U.S. Constitution into a relic, an artifact that documents the failure of self-governance. 

The contesting of ideas evenly presented to the people represents the moral righteousness of how it should be. At the same time one knows that such representation will never occur. Winning has eclipsed the meaningfulness of “for the good of the nation. ” Unless conservatives hold on to the House and gain sixty votes in the Senate, the ideals of Americanism will wallow. Circling within the maelstrom of political discourse, the “Swamp” wins.




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