Authored by William Robert Barber

Challenged by affairs domestic and international, a significant number of Americans are befuddled and disquiet. Seemingly, democratic leadership and their allies in the media cannot discern the reality of the present nor accurately assess current events without the impute of partisan bias. When presented with issues of profound concern, political leadership prefers procrastination and analytical meandering rather than stating a definitive position.  After all, stating a definitive position is a measurable act… And what politician yearns to be measured?

What better illustration of procrastination and analytical meandering than the wrongheaded diplomatic debacle of the nation’s failed dealings with North Korea? However, since WWII, N. Korea is just one of the many calamitous failings of American diplomacy.

Von Clausewitz, the Prussian general and military theorist, stated that war is the natural extension of diplomacy. There is a symbiosis; a live fire relationship between diplomacy and war. There have been many proxy wars between the United States and its resolute enemies. Like bullies in the school playground, the counterparts push and shove. Nonetheless, despite the continuous loss of life and treasure, the meaningless perpetuation of violent conflict, victory is an unacceptable goal.

Our nation’s display (over the last fifty years) of noxious ignorance, imprudent naïveté, and the arrogant hubris of our politicians’ sense of misplaced moral righteousness has destroyed any statutory meaningfulness of immigration laws. When coupled with the palpable illegalities of “sanctuary cities,” the ad hoc discretionary enforcement of laws, the politicizing of federal institutions and their employees, one deduces pending chaos.

Progressive ideologues such as former President Obama are the perfect exemplar of a leader besieged by excessive intellectual contemplation. Striving to mitigate risk even at the cost of principle limited American influence. Obama’s inaction upon the invasion of Iraq by ISIS forces blatantly denigrated American prestige, sense of reliability, and cost thousands of innocent lives.

Eisenhower’s decision not to press for victory during the Korean War, Kennedy’s compromise in Cuba,  Nixon’s unwillingness to invade North Vietnam, and Bush’s analytical ineptness has cost this nation thousands of American lives and trillions of taxpayer dollars while emitting an impression of weakness, hesitation, and insecurity.

Withstanding the current cost of lives, not initiating a first strike on North Korea today will cost the United States many times more in the future. North Korea will never give up their nuclear weaponry… Settle the issue now: eliminate their existence.

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