Authored by William Robert Barber 

Tolerance is an antecedent analogous to an open mind. Liberal progressives favor meaningless animated hysteria they have closed their mind. As a result, the necessary platform required for debate and dialogue between conservatives and liberals is nonexistent.

The alternative to nonexistent dialogue (as presently exampled by progressive media) is to denigrate, vilify, and malign: Conservatives in General-President Trump-Inexact. The evolving of disparaging rhetoric to physical violence is, as historically evidenced, less than a stone’s throw away.

When evaluating the motivational theses of progressive angst, descriptive words such as ‘coherent’, ‘lucid’, ‘judicious’, and ‘sensible’ are missing; in their place are incoherent leitmotifs of dissatisfaction that may start with a particular grievance but end in a Trump diatribe.

Because facts do not serve their objective and goal, the political left insists on ad hominem references, scurrilous accusations, rowdy behavior, perplex misperception, violence, and eruptive chaos as their weaponry. This particular stratagem is as old as the emergence of hunter-gathers into agrarian city dwellers.

America’s progressive left replicates the street tactics and rhetorical ploys of Vladimir Lenin and Leon Trotsky. Lenin and Trotsky’s objectives and goals provide the political philosophy that snugly fits into Saul Alinsky’s Rules for Radicals narrative.

In finality, the upcoming midterm elections are critical indicators of the liberal progressive Democrats and their positive appeal to the majority of Americans; if the Republican majority forfeits to their political counter-party, obvious disaster; however, if the Republicans do not gain representation in Congress, resolution to the political upheaval will continue.


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