Authored by William Robert Barber

The European Union is on the threshold of a utilitarian discovery, one that in every meaningful circumstance challenges heretofore (EU) accepted truths. The overwhelming horde of migrants illegally entering Europe has clear-eyed the concepts of “open borders,” pluralistic veracity, and the projection of integrated social harmony as (for the most part) unworkable theories.  

The ideals that constitute Chancellor Merkel’s self-imposed interpretive of Germany’s obligation to import and service the needs of one-million unvetted undocumented refugees has exposed Merkel as a committed ideologue.

In the interest of rushing to implement an untested (EU) ideal,  Angela circumvented the rigors of domestic political persuasion and unilaterally initiated an immigration policy that rattled the tranquility of the homeland.

The Chancellor thoughtlessly negated the effects of the cultural/religious indifference between a Christian/secular social order and the Islamic/cultural norms of a Muslim influx. The result was mayhem which included physical assaults, rapes, and a monetary burden on the German people.

Interestingly, (EU) leadership hypocritically espouses “open borders” as a (EU) moral and statutory principle while scurrilously reproaching and admonishing anti-immigrant policy believers as anti-democratic right-wing nativist seeking to create mass internment camps. All the while (EU) leadership diligently, with a noticeable degree of incompetence, explores solutions that the so-called right-wing nativist such as Viktor Orban of Hungary proposes.

Democratically principled nations are at war; it is waged overtly, by proxy, and covertly. The counter-party of this war are Islamic religious zealots seeking to impose their tenets of fundamentalism where ever  possible. These fanatical Islamist are intent on terrifying Christians as well as those not Islamic enough Muslims into their brand of fanatical compliance — or die.

In this war there are no rules of engagement. Geneva Conference does not apply. Killing innocent peoples is the norm. The Islamic terrorist is not concerned with the (EU’s) righteous passion for refugees. Its only interest is to destroy Westerners, their values and ideals. For the Islamic fanatics “open-borders” is an opportunity for offensive mayhem.

It is time for Angela and the (EU) to reconsider their original pronouncements. The present circumstances require an invigoration of border security. The acceptance of today’s empirical reality demands a mandate wherein illegal migration ends. A nation’s culture is integral to the acceptance of law and order; such is an intrinsic prerequisite to domestic normalcy.

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