Authored by William Robert Barber

I am “disgusted beyond endurance,” utilizing (Merriam-Webster’s definition of fed-up) when pundits and politicians mimic Little Richards’, “slippin’ and slidin’ peepin’ and hidin’” as the standard response to an inconvenient or difficult question.

Revealingly, political commentators consider the practice of such deceptive behavior as smartly clever, shrewd, even professional; they note that because a person is cunningly deceptive, he or she is therefore a good politician. The acceptance of this silver-tongued behavior fits in snugly with the liberal-progressive belief that the result justifies the means.

Seemingly, all (the talking heads) with an agenda (in other words everyone) are actors. Repeating lines written by others rather than themselves they assertively proffer the prevailing debating point or regress into a politically motivated ideological schema. These actors are the politically inclined playwright’s protagonists. Armed with emotional inflections, pathos if required, and likelihood reflection they dramatize, enunciate, and perform.

Possibly, the probability is — and could be — the key prelude to a newsworthy discussion. It is as if the daily news requires the creativity of a novelist’s prerogative or suffer the effects of featureless boredom. The production cast of a news show includes statecraft wonks, representatives of the formerly empowered and the empowered of whatever. Prompted by the “greater good,” licensed officers of the court, and the pedigreed, all guests, passionately contribute variances of embellishment, misdirection, and factoids in favor of showbiz diversion.

“Influence! How to” is the propagandist prevailing question and the sought-after answers involve the investment of millions of dollars and thousands of working hours. The result of all the dollars and hours is the creation of pleasant, soft to the ear, and comfort to one’s spirit words phrased to uplift. Intermingled between the uplifting are timely placed threats of doomsday for the disbelieving and unreceptive. Recited by the young and the beautiful, the message is augmented by the sage-like appeal of a white-haired good-looker with a pleasant voice. This ‘how to influence’ approach enforces the adage that judgment focuses on the illusion presented — not reality.

As to the topic of Trump, where illusion meets reality — plus emotional inflictions and likelihood reflections dominate 90 % of the Trump coverage. Of course the arch rival of Trump is Trump: He cannot get out of his way. One for sure about our President: he is completely, with no hesitation, transparent.


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