Authored by William Robert Barber

Aside from factional infighting and the consistent contesting of variable ideological beliefs, the apathetic vilifying of counterparties laden with askant perspectives and the President’s need to bark loudly, softly cajole, harmonize the North Korean and Russian leaders while encumbering these countries with economically hurtful sanctions.

Then of course there is the left’s “diversity” issue insisting on the absolute diversity of race and gender they enforce a mono-culture that abstains from any conversation contrary to their (tribes’) dogma of intellectual and political righteousness.

However, I think there are positives:

Everyone’s (401k) investment is appreciating. The North Koreans are not igniting rockets over Japan and the Russians have not invaded Ukraine nor the Baltic States. While spending billions in preparation for a future military conflict, China is still negotiating and Iran consumed with spending time and resources on misguided theocratically dedicated visions of Shite dominance has lost all pragmatic sensibility.

So despite our domestic disunity, this nation-state is, for now, just fine.

However, the people of the nation are suffering from bureaucratic overload. The bureaucracy that manages/governs this nation has suppressed this land of laws not men into willful obedience to the rules of deceitful discretion.

In particular the Federal bureaucracy, at will, abrogates, countermands, slow-walks, reshuffles, and misdirects. Over the last century congress had forsaken, limited, and restrained its rightful responsibilities and authority in favor of a nebulous bureaucracy. The agencies and departments created by Congress have grown beyond anyone’s ability to manage, oversee, or contain. The ethos of bureaucratic discernment has stymied Congress’ constitutional obligation to, by oversight, superintend. 

A governing entity within a governing entity is the reality of today’s definition of our nation’s democratic republic.

The Gallian brethren of 3rd century Rome overtly threatened the institutions and persons of the enlightened. Today, in America Gallian-like tribes are a consistent threat to peace and order; however, the coup de grâce is from within. This nation’s bureaucratic Byzantine is an ungovernable tortuous maelstrom, most recently and notoriously highlighted by the DOJ and FBI resistance to Congressional oversight.

Liberal progressives and their Marxist sympathizers have captured the nation’s state-sponsored educational system and have transformed the once self-reliant, individualistically inclined mindset of the existential American into a ready-to-compromise, easy-to-influence cadre of think-alike devotees.


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