Authored by William Robert Barber

Was this outburst the early signs of dementia? Did Cory Booker lose his cognitive wellbeing? Was he befuddled and confused by the hecklers or the seriousness of the Senate’s advice and consent responsibilities?

No! It was Senator Booker’s intent to write, perform, and produce a one-act play, utilizing the Kavanaugh confirmation hearing as his theatrical platform. Booker wrote himself in as the heroic protagonist; vowing to risk his office so to assure that the American people realize a look-see into Booker’s idea of what documents are pertinent and essential.

Of course his script did not disclose that prior to his declaration of “I am Spartacus,” the document in question was, as requested, declassified and importantly, Senator Booker knew of its declassification. Withstanding that gauge of motivational insight, in order for a Senator to be vanquished from the Senate, a 2/3 member vote is required. Such an event is unlikely to be taken against Senator Booker or any of his Senatorial brethren. In other words, his risk of banishment from the Senate was as hollow as his Spartacus moment.

The Senator, like so many politicians, when on camera (or on the set) pursues applause. This Senator of the “Purple Chamber” is a 2020 presidential candidate. Therefore the Senator necessitates distinction from the forthcoming herd of Democratic candidates. Hence, “I am Spartacus.”

Cory Booker has all the noticeable compensations: He is good-looking, well educated, and a black American politician who knows how to advantage opportunity. He is young and brave (saved a woman in 2012 in a burning house.) One would think that he has learned the virtue of political patience. Obviously, his hurriedness to reach the office of the presidency has forced a conflation of the throwaway and pointless i.e. “I amSpartacus” line with Patrick Henry’s, “Give me liberty, or give me death.”

Senator Booker however has no worries his reelection is affirmed.

Judge Kavanaugh’s confirmation is the issue of concern. And as the recent hearing displayed truth and the factual is openly suppressed in favor of the Democrats’ initiative — withstanding the use of any means scurrilous or extralegal — to delay and eventually defeat his confirmation.

This is the political party that requests congressional dominance in the forthcoming election???


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