Authored by William Robert Barber

The veil has been lifted; in a fit of passionate disregard the democrats have consciously torn their mask of seeming sensible, rational, and reasonable and replaced that traditional façade with the reality of their true identity.

Utilizing an accusatory letter generalizing a thirty-plus year attempted rape by a seventeen-year-old Brett Kavanaugh coupled with the #metoo movement was the Democrats’ ambush in waiting. This letter was the selected bludgeon used to defeat the nominee’s posting to the highest court of the land. The Democratic members of the Judicial Committee sought to coerce out of the “truth of the matter” a narrative of doubt and disbelieve.

As to the incident of attempted rape, the accuser could not remember the date, the place, nor how she got to or returned home from the place where the assault took place. Her four declared witnesses could not corroborate her story. The FBI’s supplemental investigation found no corroboration to the accuser’s accusation. The nominee emphatically denied the allegation. No matter, nothing would or will satisfy the Democrats. They are steadfast in their narrative of doubt and disbelieve. Their inquisition will continue.

The mob of disgruntled, discontented, peeved, and displeased acted out their fiercely perturbed state ofcognition more as a Robespierrian inclination than Jeffersonian. Yelling, screaming, and demanding when executed in unison  with blocking traffic, stopping egress or ingress, is not an effective channel for sympathetic allegiance, persuasion, or tolerance.  

Nonetheless, the mob is persistent. Hillary Clinton pledges that upon a change of political leadership peace, harmony, and gentile mannerism will once again grace the land of the free and the brave. In other words, barbarians of the Hinterland, get rid of Donald Trump and us progressives will enact and endorse civility.

Tolerance and understanding are words with powerful meaning — however the depth and width of my tolerance for progressive values has significantly abated; in proportion my inclination to understand has eroded to the point of indifference.

The only matter of significance is the next election… Republicans must hold on to their majority!


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