Authored by William Robert Barber

The title of this blog characterizes the heartfelt mawkishness of the Democratic Party’s media assault on conservative covenants in general and the specific malicious overt abuse set aside for Trump supporters.

Declaring the FBI’s supplemental investigation as a bogus endeavor, Democratic members of the Judiciary Committee have enthusiastically pronounced Justice Kavanaugh’s posting to the Supreme Court as illegitimate. As a direct consequence of such a declaration, these Democrats have concluded that  judgments of the Supreme Court thereafter the Kavanaugh posting will be viewed with askance and doubt.

The rhetoric of confrontation a Democratic theme espoused by the party’s leadership is stoking the embers and adding gasoline to the fire. Look about, observe, and listen to the result of the Democrats’ continuum of proselytizing confrontation.

Democratic leadership has stirred into action a Leninist mob of “useful idiots.” Confrontation begets overt violence, it is just a matter of timing, the right place, the firing of a pistol, or the detonation of a bomb wherein the yelling and chanting succumbs to maiming and killing.

If the Republicans maintain control of the House of Representative, watch out — the mob will call foul and riots will erupt.

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