Authored by William Robert Barber

Violent behavior is an intrinsic component of being human.Violence is inherent in sports. Universally, violence is a component of day-to-day discourse and the willful go-to for the settlement of contested issues. In the last ten thousand years the intensity of killings, maiming, torturing, imprisoning, starving, and the general destruction of the heretofore existing has not abated.

Technological upgrades on weapons started when a humanoid attached a sharpened quartz or flit stone to a stick. Improving the effectiveness of killing other living things evolved into a high priority, a mandate for survival. For purposes of consumption, coercive acquisition, or to protect one armed humanoid from another was — and is — considered common interaction for all living things. The mass production of weapons as well as the need for the steady improvement of weaponry is an established constant of every Nation state.

In order to live, we humans directly kill, indirectly cause, or willfully facilitate the death of other living things. We thoughtlessly kill to consume. Expressions of moral outrage for such behavior is counter-intuitive. Morality plays no part in the quest for food, shelter, and water. With the exception of eating pets and fellow humans, killing for all else is fair game.

Über the average intelligence of our fellow animals we Homo sapiens dominate the earth; the lethal combination of our imaginative sense and insatiable curiosity propels a constancy of evermore/everything. Consequently, the most dangerous carnivore or omnivore in the world is a human being.

So why are we humans shocked that hyper-protection is paramount? Why are we emotionally beset, even psychosomatically effected, by the overt killing of the innocent? Yes, these horrific acts challenge the presumption of common civility. We humans should therefore discard such (silly) presumptions in favor of recognizing life’s reality.

We Americans (for the most part) live in a world of deceptive, often delusional, fantasy. We no longer hunt for what we eat. Others prepare our food and water for consumption. Our day-to-day is far removed from reality. It is as though we were the protagonists in our own television show. We are practicing believers of the rational and reasonable who live in a world that is irrational and unreasonable.

As expressed in the ‘Song of Roland’, steeped in chivalry Roland was a brave and faithful  knight in the service of his lord, Charlemagne. However, Roland’s virtuousness was outmatched by the unscrupulousness of the traitor Ganelon, a practitioner of deceit, falsity, and duplicity. Roland assumed –  and presumed wrongly; therefore he and his fellow knights paid the ultimate price.

The lesson: never let down one’s guard. There are sane practitioners of evil doings as well as the insane intent on executing senseless mayhem. One cannot escape the realities of living. Accept the world for what it is and has always been; if peace is the goal, prepare for war.

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